The Blacklist Promo Photos 4×09: Lipet’s Seafood Company

After a short hiatus, The Blacklist returns tomorrow night with Lipet’s Seafood Company, the first episode since the fall finale. The trailer promised an action packed episode in which it will be revealed which member of the team has been a mole all along, and the promotional photos reinforce this.

In the sneak peek photos, we are given a look at pretty much every main character in the show. Ressler seems to be heavily featured, which is extremely exciting to me and other fans of Ressler who feel that he is often given an inadequate amount of screen time.

Here is the Synopsis for episode 4×09: Lipet’s Seafood Company:

The allegiances of the task force are tested when a probe into an international terrorist operating on American soil is revealed; Aram must face the repercussions of his girlfriend hacking into the FBI computer system; Red pulls in a favor.

The Blacklist returns tonight at 10/9c on NBC.

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