NFL Pick Em: Our picks for Wild-Card Weekend

The NFL Playoffs are here and it has delivered 4 unique match-ups for Wild-Card Weekend.

It starts on Saturday with the injury-ravaged Oakland Raiders visiting AFC South Champion Houston Texans. Then the Lions travel to Seattle to face Russell Wilson and the Seahawks.

Sunday gives us the big match-ups with the early game being the Miami Dolphins heading into chilly conditions against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The late game has Eli Manning and the confident New York Giants traveling to Green Bay to go up against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

So without further ado, here’s our picks for NFL Wild-Card Weekend :


LIZZIE: Can I pick no one? The umpires? No? Fine, I’m gonna go with Oakland, just because the Texans have looked decent at times and absolutely horrid at others and the Raiders have at least been more consistent. Raiders 21, Texans 14

NADIA:  I want Oakland to win the whole thing. It makes for a great story. Raiders 35, Texans 21

CHARLES: This will either be the most boring game of the weekend or the best. I think the Texans do just enough to pull out the win. Texans 17, Raiders 13


LIZZIE: This looks like one of those games that are easy to pick, and those are always complicated during the playoffs. Still, I’m going Seattle because it’s too early to go against conventional wisdom.  Seattle 24, Detroit 21.

NADIA:  Lions will be the Lions and miss a FG. Seahawks 24, Lions 21

CHARLES: I just don’t see the Seahawks losing at home against this team. Seahawks 34, Lions 12


LIZZIE: This is me picking with the heart. I like the Dolphins. I hate Ben Roethlisberger. (See how quickly I abandon actual common sense? But hey, it’s the playoffs. Weird things happen). Dolphins 24, Steelers 21.

NADIA: It’s the Steelers with Antonio Brown. Steelers 31, Dolphins 17

CHARLES: Miami is a lot better than I gave them credit for this year but Ben and especially LeVeon Bell will be too much for the Dolphins. Steelers 27, Dolphins 16


LIZZIE: The Giants is one of those teams that just finds a way to win – and I don’t feel comfortable picking against them, no matter how good Rodgers is. The Packers D is still suspect. And that’s being kind. Giants 27, Packers 21.

NADIA:  It pains me, but the Packers have been on a hot streak. Packers 24, Giants 20

CHARLES: Its feeling like 2007 again for the Giants doesn’t it? Eli in the playoffs is magic somehow and this chilly night in Green Bay might be no different. Giants 24, Packers 21

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