The Walking Dead Released Bizarre Season 7 Images Featuring Cantaloupes, Peanuts, and More

When The Walking Dead released bizarre images, in anticipation of the second half of Season 7, they wanted to make sure we were stumped, confused, and a bit disturbed. The pictures below look like someone’s demented scrapbook of the apocalypse where they recount all the “fun times” they had while fighting for their lives.

It’s hard to theorize why cantaloupes, peanuts, and rubber duckies have anything to do with this show, but we’re here to try!

1. Dynamite

Zip-ties, electrical tape, wire, and stable dynamite (according to what I’ve learned from Lost). This isn’t the job of an amateur. You’ve got someone setting up a trap for the long haul. Maybe they want to drop it somewhere? On Negan’s head?

2. Bloody handprint

The dark color instantly tells you that it’s someone who was injured quite a while ago. The smear means they were in a hurry and using the wall to give them strength to push forward. Maybe it’s a sign of a walker right around the corner or someone who needs help immediately?

3. Peanuts

Someone’s growing peanuts because they know Negan’s only weakness! Peanuts are quite deadly and what would happen if the Kingdom started feeding that to it’s pigs in troves along with the walker meat?!

4. Rubber Duckies

Rick and Michonne happened to stumble upon a rubber duckie factory while looking for supplies. A big psychotic man like Negan looks like he enjoys a nice soak after a kill. He’ll never know if Richonne kept one for their own bath…

5. Walker in rubble

Someone’s trying to capture the desolate beauty of the apocalypse and took this beautiful still. For a basket of eggs or a case of water, this could be a lovely addition to your shack, house, or space under a bridge. 9/10.

6. Gas lantern

Part 2 of Beauty by Apocalypse represents how times have changed when it comes to what lights your way. Electricity is fleeting and the sun & gas lanterns are your only refuge now.

7. Silhouetted Shooters

This is probably the last shot of the bastard who goes around taking photos of Lucille’s fresh kills to scare their loved ones. As his body plummeted to the ground he caught this disturbing image. 10/10.

8. Cantaloupes

Sweet, tasty, and perfect as a projectile weapon. Maybe you can take down a small walker child, surprise your enemy, or inject it with walker blood before handing it over to the Saviors. The skies the limit with these rare beauties!

9. Grave

This is not a grave in Alexandria, Hilltop, or the Kingdom. The trash at the top of the image let’s you know that. And you wouldn’t dig a hole to bury someone unless they were important to you and you had no home to go back to. This is a strangers grave, dug by someone we haven’t met yet.

10. Bucket w/ pack of seeds

Take note of the hoe at the bottom. We’ve got a community here, ready for the long haul, in a fortified place. Could be in Alexandria, Hilltop, or the Kingdom restocking after their latest drop to Negan.

11. Walnuts

Rich in omega-3 fats and high in antioxidants, walnuts are the perfect thing to keep a community healthy and on alert for the return of Negan or walkers. Plus they go great on salads. Note the cloth under the nuts and the pot. Community for sure.

12. Rechargeable Hand Spotlight

This handy flashlight is bound with duct tape for durability and twine for camouflage. Poor job if I do say so myself, but times is hard in the apocalypse and you’ve got a plan to execute.

13. Bicycle

Someone won’t be getting a lot of protection riding around in this beat up bicycle. At least they’ll be able to bike out of there with their cantaloupes on the ready in the front! Possible newbie of the apocalypse riding this.

14. Melted Walker

This sun-wilted beauty is probably just another lost soul on the road to safety. Could also be part of the Beauty by Apocalypse collection. 7/10.

By far, the only normal image comes courtesy of TVLine and features the gang trying to negotiate with Gregory. No doubt they’re trying to get him to join the fight against Negan. Being the slimy and self serving man he is, he probably won’t help them.

The Walking Dead returns February 12, 2017 at 9/8c on AMC.

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