Life Lessons From Trailers: Snatched Edition

We aren’t surprised that any Amy Schumer movie is one our list of movies that we can’t wait to see. Team Amy Schumer with Goldie Hawn and yes – it’s like take all my money. Cause it just seems like comedy genius.

We’ve always loved the Taken movies – cause who doesn’t love some Liam Neeson? And this trailer is screaming a female version – only the parent and the child are both taken. So let’s break it down – here’s what we have learned so far from Snatched. 

Relationships are complicated

Every relationship in life can have it’s ups and downs. Whether it is a relationship with family, friends, or you know your significant other – we are looking at some ups and downs, in and outs. You may never be able to understand where the other person is coming from – but it’s your life. Take what you can from them – learn from every situation, and no matter what – work it out if you can. Well and if it’s worth it to you.

Everyone has a previous life

You think you know someone, but truth is we rarely really ever know anyone. Well at least everything about them. But we have to take it as it comes and respect that people had a life before us. It’s their life to share or not to share. But we should all take it and realize that at every moment we can learn from others. We may never know their story – but we always have something to learn.

Sometimes you just aren’t going to understand art.

This one is some self explanatory shit.

Proper lighting in a selfie is essential

We are huge fans of the Lumee case for selfies – cause you always want to make sure that your lighting is on point. Also you will never know when it is that you need to take a selfie in the middle of the night. Or if you need a really expensive flashlight.

You should always listen to your Mom.

Okay, maybe not always. But like most of the time. She’s lived her life – she knows what she’s doing. And if she’s telling you to take 2 years to plan a vacation – sure it could be her over protectiveness. It could also be the simple fact that she’s trying to make sure that you don’t get kidnapped. We can appreciate that.

Snatched is in theaters May 2017.

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