Once Upon A Time Casting Tiger Lily

Another princess is coming to Once Upon A Time. Just not one we ever expected to see.

TVLine is reporting that the ABC drama is looking for their very own Tiger Lily, the princess of the Piccaninny tribe of Native Americans living on the island of Neverland.

Of course, this comes as somewhat of a surprise, especially since Once Upon A Time has already been to Neverland (in Season 3), but the show does like to put a spin on familiar characters.

The Tiger Lily we know has a crush on Peter Pan (please, not this version) and is not really friendly with Captain Hook. (But then again, who is friendly with the original version of Hook?)

Once’s version of the character, set to appear on episode 17, is described as “a force to be reckoned with,” and “the kind of woman who’ll risk her life to save yours — and she’ll do it even quicker if it benefits her.”

The one thing both versions have in common? They’ve crossed paths with Captain Hook.

You think this is the best part of the news? Think again. The best part is that Once Upon A Time is seeking a Native American actress (as it SHOULD BE) in her late 20s to early 30s to fill the role.

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Once Upon A Time returns Sunday, March 5th at 8/7c on ABC.

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