Wattpad Block Party Authors Discuss Winter Edition III

As February approaches, so does the latest edition of the Wattpad Block Party. Hosted by Kelly Anne Blount, the WBP brings together Wattpad authors new and old in a collection of sneak peaks, alternate endings, interviews and more. A fun collection and a great way to get to know new amazing Wattpad authors, the Block Party is the highlight of many authors year.

This marks the third winter edition of the WBP, and includes some pretty amazing authors such as Kelly Anne Blount, Bella Higgin, AV Gieger, Ali Novak and more. Hosted twice a year, the event allows authors to stretch their literary wings and give readers new insight and features.

With the previous block party, I featured a series of special interviews with authors included. This time, I will be hosting single question features, allowing you to have a peak behind the scenes, the authors motivations and more.

These glimpses will lead up to the February 1 kick off of the block party!

Starting off, I asked a fairly basic question:

“What made you want to take part in the Wattpad Block Party?”

See what they said!

@Piercingmay: I am not well known on wattpad, but it never stopped me from writing. I wanted to be apart of the WBP not only because it seemed fun to chat with people, but to give hope to young and upcoming writers such as myself. I’ve been reading and wishing to be apart of it since I first joined wattpad and now that I have this amazing opportunity, it feels like I’m finally climbing slowly to my goals.

@4thpowermama: I’ve almost been on Wattpad for a year, and last summer during the August block party I was introduced to some of my favorite authors. Right then being a part of one became “someday” goals. I can’t tell you how over the top excited I was to have a chance to participate in this one!

@rdiamond89: Two years ago, someone tagged me in a Summer Block Party line-up and said, “Yo @rdiamond89 where you at?” I had a look through and saw what it was all about. It seemed like the best of the best got to feature, and from that day on, I really wanted to join. Crazy that I’m here now!

@Kneeldownforzayn: Two years ago when I joined Wattpad, my news feed was filled with authors congratulations each other for this amazing party they had been to and I had wondered how all of them had come together. Then, stalking an author I was in awe of at that time, I searched what this “party” was all about and how could I get to it. Then, I found the books and the concept. The thought that I too could be featured on it immediately became a goal and the rest is history. Now, this is my second Block Party and I am still as excited as I was for the first one.

@Bella_Higgin: It’s a great way to mingle with the Wattpad community, to meet new authors, and discover new works.


Be sure to check out the next installment leading up to the block party, where authors will give hints to what you can expect from them and their posts!

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