The Blacklist Promo Photos 4×10 ‘The Forecaster’

NBC has released a series of promotional images in preparation for the new episode titled “The Forecaster”. It looks like this will be an episode that returns to the “case of the week” format rather than focusing on the mythology of the show. So much time has been spent on the central plot lines of the show in the first half of this season, that I think the writers realized we needed a break and time to enjoy the team finally being back together and solving a case. I for one will be glad for a change of pace from the intense relationship focused episodes we have been given lately.

Take a look at the gallery for a sneak peek of the episode tonight, and read the synopsis below for a full description of “The Forecaster”.


Someone leaves a diorama depicting a soon-to-be committed crime at Liz’s doorstep; Red investigates a new business prospect.

The Blacklist airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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