Riverdale: ‘Moment’ Trailer Teases Death of Jason Blossom

The mystery behind the death of Jason Blossom is on everyone’s minds in the new Riverdale trailer ‘Moment.’

In the trailer, Archie is on an illicit picnic date with his teacher when he hears a distant shot and scream. Someone has killed Jason Blossom and to protect his affair he won’t be stepping forward to help the Blossom family anytime soon.

Cheryl Blossom also makes multiple appearances. Once, devastated by the river where Jason’s body is presumably found, and once again swearing that she won’t give up until the death of Jason Blossom is avenged. Surprisingly enough, there’s a brief sequence where we see a redheaded woman being escorted away by officers. Could Cheryl be involved in the death of her brother?

Riverdale is a mystery/thriller grounded in love, friendship, and second chances we can’t wait to watch. Check out the ‘Moment’ trailer below and start building up your own theories!

Riverdale premieres Thursday, January 26th at 9/8c on The CW.

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