Wattpad Block Party WEIII Authors Hint to Their Features

Leading up to the start of the Wattpad Block Party Winter Edition III this coming February, we will be featuring tid bits, quotes and the like from some of the authors taking part this round. Many of your favs are included, such as Kelly Anne Blount, Ali Novak and more, as well as amazing newcomers you will fall in love with.

Last time we asked them what made them want to take part in the Block Party. This time, however, we’re going to be a bit of a tease. And no, we’re not sorry.

We asked the authors:

In one word, can you describe your WBP post?

Where is what they had to say!

@dcompbooks Fandom!

@emmyles Fun

@sbrobinson Inspiring

@OutOfMyLimit17 Insane

@Squeaks7 Adventure

@Alecc0 Educational

@tenatheart Addictive

@piercingmay Intense

@4thpowermama Drama

@Goodnight_Saigon New

@Laia233 Chaotic

@kevinaoyatedor Humor

@icecrystals_ Creepy

@druidrose Staggering

@jdfanff Funny

@JMFelic Eye Candy

@kneeldownforzayn Intellectual

@Sallymason1 Dark

I hope these teasing words will make you even more excited to read the posts from these authors and their cohorts in this Wattpad Block Party! We will bring you more little features over the month of January as we lead up to the start of the Block Party on February 1! Make sure to add the book to your Wattpad libraries, and count down the days with us!

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