Fangirlish’s FEELS of the Week – Week of January 8th-14th

It’s 2017, and we’re introducing a new weekly column to Fangirlish this year! Every week, our writers will pick the best of the best of the week in a number of categories, and we’ll share those responses with you. You might agree, you might disagree, but we promise you …there’s a lot of stuff to love here!

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Bad-ass Female Character of the Week

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Lyra: Ophelia from Sweet/Vicious. This mermaid continues to prove how much she has Jules back, no matter. She stopped her BFF from making a colossal mistake, anticipated Jules needs, and didn’t coddle her at the same time. She admires Jules and is there to help her get better. We should all have an Ophelia.

Liz: Ophelia Mayer from Sweet/Vicious. There’s a lot to say about Ophelia’s badassery in this week’s episode. Basically, she’s a fantastic friend to Jules. In a time where there’s really nothing to say, Ophelia was there for Jules. She brought Jules in, comforted her, and even prevented Jules from making a huge, huge mistake. Ophelia is def a badass and we need to either be an Ophelia or find our own Ophelia.

Samantha: Mrs. Hudson in Sherlock. Finally, after having enough of Sherlock going crazy from all the drugs he had been taking she held him at gunpoint with his own gun, shoved him in the trunk of her red sports car, and drove him over to see John while getting in a high speed chase with the police all while having Mycroft on the phone to get her out of any possible trouble. When John questioned the car actually being hers she told him off by saying I was the wife of a drug dealer of course that’s my car and generally being the one to get Sherlock and John back together. Total badass.

Chloe: I’m gonna have to join in the Sweet/Vicious love-fest on this one. This week’s episode was powerful, heartbreaking, and oh-so-important. We saw Jules’ sexual assault in its entirety, as well as the aftermath, and it was anything but easy to watch. By now we’re used to Jules being the ultimate badass, but she’s dealing with so much that she also needs a badass of her own. Enter: Ophelia. She was there for Jules in the way a BFF should be, and it was beautiful to watch. Can we get #JupheliaDay

Nora: I have to go with Erin Lindsay on Chicago PD. She’s been through SO much in the shows 4 seasons, but somehow she still can’t catch a break. This week she learns the man her mother thought was her father isn’t really. Erin confronts her mother, Bunny, and demands to know why she keeps lying to her. Sophia Bush brushing everything off the diner table and screaming “Why do you keep doing this to me?” was amazing! Erin continues to be strong and I’m impressed with her every week.

Danielle: Isabelle Lightwood from Shadowhunters on Freeform. When she took out that whip of hers and wrapped it around that Downworlder, that moment killed me. And she played it off so calmly; you would have never had known that was her who’d done that. Amazing! Emeraude Toubia is amazing as Izzy!

OTP of the Week

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Samantha: John and Sherlock (Johnlock) on Sherlock. They finally reunited and came to terms with everything that had happened. Sherlock risked his life to save John, and John finally admitted that Mary’s death was not Sherlock’s fault. John broke down, and even though Sherlock was in pain himself he wrapped John in his arms and comforted him.

Dana: Jack and Rebecca from This Is Us. This week’s episode just furthered my love for this couple as Jack and Rebecca dealt with finding out they were having triplets. Jack realized that Rebecca just needed to cry on her own about their financial state and he let her. Then he went and borrowed money from his father— who was abusive to his mother—sold his car, and bought their family home. Their relationship gives me life.

Charles: Jason and Janet from The Good Place. Jason is dumber than a box of rocks while Janet is a literal guide full of knowledge. Yet these opposites work so well together. This week’s episode showed that they truly care about each other from Jason wanted Janet’s “dad” Michael’s approval to Janet refusing to have herself deactivated for fear that she would forget she loves Jason. Their love may be weird but it works.

Nora: Erin and Jay from Chicago P.D. Every TV show should watch this week’s episode and learn how to handle rough patches in relationships and not break up the couple. They deal with their problems like adults and it’s refreshing to see. With Erin struggling to figure out who her father is, she’s not having an easy go of it. Jay sticks beside her and lets her have her space while she figures it out. Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer play their dynamic really well and this was a great week for them!

Terri: Jack & Rebecca from This Is Us – This week’s episode dealt with them finding out they were having triplets, and while it may not have been the most dramatic episode of the season, the raw performances of Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia was just so good. Every week leaves me wanting more with these two and given what we know about their future, I can’t wait to see how everything plays out.

April: Toby and Kate from This Is Us. Kate has spent her life dreaming about a future that seemed as if it would never be within her reach. She finally meets her dream guy, who surpasses all her wildest dreams, and then he has a heart attack and ends up in the hospital on Christmas Eve. She spends her Christmas Eve staying by his side and calming him down when he starts panicking about having surgery. He tells her he’s in love with her and she says she loves someone for the first time who isn’t family. Also, he’d marry the hell out of her.

Ivette: Frank & Julie from Frequency. It took them a while—nine episodes to be exact—to get together, but they got there. And, this last episode proved how strong their relationship is. Frank had the opportunity to lie about his plan to kill the Nightingale Killer, but he didn’t. He told Julie the whole truth. And, Julie had the opportunity to end things, but she didn’t. She stuck with him and had his back when Satch came looking for his Crown Vic, switching cars out to make sure Frank didn’t get into trouble. Even if she doesn’t fully agree with his plans, she’s supporting him. That’s true love. Also, the fact that they are completely honest with each other, even when dealing with potential murder, is only going to strengthen their relationship.

Emotional Moment of the Week

Samantha: John and Sherlock hugging at the end of “The Lying Detective” on Sherlock. John and Sherlock have both been through a lot, especially the first two episodes of this season, and they both broke down emotionally. Sherlock took a dangerous amount of drugs because John would no longer talk to him and he blamed himself for Mary’s death. John has been dealing with the death of his wife while taking care of their baby Rosamund. They had both just been through a really distressing case where Sherlock risked his life to save John, and finally they both had enough. They sat down and talked everything out, and John finally broke down. He started crying and Sherlock got up to hug him, which is something he has never done to anyone.

Chloe: Lydia and Sheriff Stilinski’s conversation in Stiles’ room on Teen Wolf. It hasn’t been easy to see the pack forget Stiles, but his father’s unwillingness to believe in his existence took the pain to another level. This week, the Sheriff was finally willing to listen. Lydia raising the question of whether Claudia is real/alive can’t have been easy, and the scene only got more #intense from there with the appearance of Stiles’ jersey. I never knew I could have so many Stydia feelings with one half of the ship off-screen.

Nora: Katie singing “This Little Light of Mine” to her daughter, son and family while Los Angeles begins to be colonized by the invaders on Colony. Sarah Wayne Callies is one of the strongest assets that show has and this is a powerful moment in the season 2 premiere. She also has another moment in present day with her son, Bram while he’s in custody. Very emotional work from Callies to start off a revamped season of Colony.

Danielle: Another good moment from Shadowhunters was when Clary confided on Isabelle on her Shadowhunter status. She had felt so defeated about where she fit in. Alec had been totally mean to her in the scene before, adding more fuel to the fire. When Clary started crying, I wanted to give her a huge hug. So, it was sweet of Izzy to show her that she matters in the Institute as everyone else.

April: Rebecca breaking down about having triplets on This Is Us. It would’ve been so easy for the show to pretend Rebecca and Jack were happy about triplets from the start, and I’m glad the show didn’t take the easy route. Rebecca is overwhelmed about growing three people inside her, with an overbearing, highly critical mother who constantly belittles her. Mandy Moore is fantastic in this scene – allowing Rebecca to break and cry, before her husband returns and she puts on a brave face for him.

Quote of the Week

Lyra: “I can’t lose Stiles.” – Scott McCall from Teen Wolf.

Charles: “You’re special.” “Thank You” – Ophelia and Jules from Sweet/Vicious

Lauren: “Yeah. The original version of that text had, like, ten more crying faces. I’m a little stressed out.- Toby from This Is Us

Liz: “It’s cool if you don’t identify me as your best friend, but you sure as hell are mine so let me do best friends do and make you feel better.” — Ophelia Mayer from Sweet/Vicious.

Samantha: “No, but it is what it is.” –Sherlock, from “The Lying Detective”

Dana:  “Why do you care so much if I remember him?” “Because you loved him” — Sheriff Stilinski and Lydia from Teenwolf

Chloe: “Mr. Ghost Rider? Um… Mr. Rider?” – Liam Dunbar from Teen Wolf

Caryn: “Someone needs to make Radcliffe watch all the Terminator movies” “Even Salvation?”

“He brought this onto himself.” – Elena and Mack from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Alyssa: “His penis was severed.” – Kim Burgess from Chicago P.D.

April: “Black people wake up every day believing that our lives are gonna change even though everything around us says it’s not. Truth be told, you ask most black people and they tell you that no matter who won this election, they didn’t expect the hood to get better. But they still voted.” – Dre Johnson from Black-ish

Nora: “How is the, uh, how is the sequel to Beginners going?” – Kevin Pearson from This is Us

Danielle: “I felt it. She peed on my legs and I felt it!” – Juliette Barnes from Nashville

Terri: “Hi, my name is Damon and I have anger issues” – Damon Salvatore, from The Vampire Diaries

WTF Moment of the Week

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Samantha: John beating up Sherlock in Sherlock. We know John was in mourning and dealing with a lot of emotions, but he would never attack Sherlock like he did in “The Lying Detective” it just adds to the theory that not everything we are seeing in the episodes this season is real.

Lizzie:  Bunny reveals that she slept with Voight on Chicago PD. Which means there’s a chance, even if it’s an infinitesimal one, that he MIGHT BE ERIN’S FATHER AND WHO’S FREAKING OUT, NOT ME, I’M FINE. Or not fine. But sorta dealing with the angst and conflicting emotions.

Chloe: Mr. Hot Teacher Nazi Wolf eating the captive Ghost Rider’s brain (more specifically, the pineal gland) on Teen Wolf. NO THANK YOU.

Beata: The flashback with baby Jonathan on Shadowhunters. WHY WAS THAT NECESSARY? It was so cringey. So cliché. Almost cartoonish, with the black eyes and the dramatic music. WTF is exactly what I said when I got to that scene, in between laughter. And tears. It was bad.

Nora: Bunny revealing her and Voight slept together once before Erin was born on Chicago PD. This means there’s a slight chance that Voight could actually be Erin’s father and it’s A LOT to process! I’ve always had a hunch that this would happen but now that it’s here I AM DYING! If you want to see my reaction, just look at Platt in that scene.

Terri: Anything and everything related to Corinne on The Bachelor. She’s one giant WTF moment. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to handle a full season of her antics.

April: Olivia from This Is Us returning with blonde hair and a new spirit because she apparently found herself in a month.

Ivette: In this week’s Frequency, when halfway through episode of Raimy being investigated by internal affairs for shooting the Nightingale Killer, we saw the Deacon walking out of the precinct. Alive. Raimy shooting the Nightingale no longer happened. Discovering the Deacon was the Nightingale Killer never happened. It’s the biggest WTF moment the season has had so far. The show revolves around the idea that whatever changes are made in the past, changes the present. The reason this was so jarring was that there was no warning. We didn’t see the change occurring in the past. We were only informed of it once Raimy figured it out. At this point, who knows what else could happen in the last two episodes.

Moment that Left you Wanting More

Lyra: Sheriff Stilinski and Lydia Martin in Stiles’ room on Teen Wolf. Honestly, I couldn’t care less for catching a Ghost Rider at the moment, even if it works out for them in the grand scheme of things. I wanted to see more of Lydia convincing Noah (yes, I used his name) that Stiles was real. I could watch another episode of angsty music, slow mo, and Lydia giving the Sheriff significant looks as she sniffs Stiles jersey.

Samantha: John and Sherlock’s hug on Sherlock. There was so much still left unsaid between them, and the scene faded away before we could really see the full extent of Sherlock comforting John. Plus, there was a really weird gap between the end of the hug scene and the next one. They were in different places in the room and the lighting outside was different, so something definitely happened that we didn’t get to see.

Nora: I’m jumping on the Teen Wolf wagon. While I absolutely loved the moments that Sheriff Stilinski and Lydia shared in Stiles room, I wanted SO much more!! After Lydia found Stiles lacrosse jersey and tossed it to Sheriff Stilinski and he FINALLY starts to remember his son the episode basically ended. While this was a great moment, I wanted Lydia to detail some more of Sheriff Stilinski and Stiles relationship before he started to remember.

April: Beth and Randall’s very brief, shirtless kiss in the bathroom before the scene cut in This Is Us. Not the best place to cut a scene, especially when it involves a shirtless Sterling K. Brown.

Agree? Disagree? What were YOUR moments? Share with us in the comments below!

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