Shadowhunters Clip Teases the Malec Date That We Have Been Waiting For

Well as you all know, we’ve been waiting for Alec and Magnus to get to know each other better. With the lack of a real storyline for them in the first season (our opinion – so calm yourself down before you go on the attack) , it looks as though they are finally going to spend some time together.

TV Line debuted a clip of Alec asking Magnus out on a date and we have to say we’re pretty excited about this. Because it gives us hope.

We like hope.

Lately everything has been centered on Jace and Alec’s relationship. Jalec shippers have been happy. Malec fans have been waiting for more.

We’re hoping we get the first date that we have been promised.

Shadowhunters airs Monday’s on Freeform.

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