Wattpad Block Party WEIII Interview Series: Part III

Bringing you a little closer every day to the third winter edition of the Wattpad Block Party, Fangirlish gets behind the scenes with some of the incredible writers taking part this round. We’ve already gotten hints on their posts, and found out their inspiration for why they wanted to be a part of this collection.

Of course, we all have our favorite writers on Wattpad, just like in traditional publishing. There are people we are looking forward to reading every time they update, and when they take part in a venture such as the WBP, the squeeworthyness of it all goes to new heights.

This time, we wanted to know you they were looking forward to reading.

What other Wattpad Block Party author post are you most excited to read?

Here are some of the answers!

@jessesprague: @shehopes Sandra is awesome !

@tenatheart: @autheras

@amberlove222: Excited for Allyrwilliams. She’s always been one of my fave writers!

@icecrystals_: @ShaunAllan

@sbrobinson: I‘m excited for so many but @tasting_stars post will be awesome!

@kevinaoyatedor: I’m excited for everyone’s post! February is gonna be awesome!

@britainkalai: I am excited to see what @Pennywithaney comes up with!

@4thpowermama: I’ve gotten to know so many who are posting that I want to read them all!

@winx1348: so excited to read what hennwick, knightsrachel, hepburnettes, and Fallzswimmer have to share!

@knightsrachel: I’m excited for fallzswimmer 🙂 But on a serious note I’m excited for ShaunAllen, winx1348, TaliaArcher, hepburnettes & GregCarrico

@Dasch409: We have so many great writers that I’m definitely excited to see what they’ve come up with for this Block Party. First off, I’m very excited to see works by @SallyMason1 @LinaHanson @KatherineArlene @Tamoja @SarahBensonBooks. I’m also excited for the writers posting on the very cool date of February 4th (personally, I think this is the best group): @taliaarcher @dovereign @nonfictionsim @siriusly_fandoms @JoFlower and of course…@Dasch409 (Me).

Keep checking back to Fangirlish for more exclusive interviews with the participants of the Wattpad Block Party!


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