Freddie Tomlinson Takes First Steps

It is a moment all new parents cant wait to witness. While bitter sweet, proof that your little one is growing up all too fast, it is also yet another incredible milestone.

Well, little Freddie Tomlinson has take his first steps, and daddy Louis couldnt be prouder.

“Its like nothing else” – Louis Tomlinson

The tot, who turns 1 on January 21, has been wowing his parents with all the first time experiences a baby can bring.

“Any time he can do something new — I know he’s not a dog [laughs], but… for example, he just started taking his first few steps, which is like nothing else, but before that he was a little bit vocal. It’s constantly changing, but the whole thing is super cool.”

We here at Fangirlish want to wish the tiniest Tomlinson the happiest of first birthdays ever.

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