Once Upon A Time Casts Tiger Lily

Say hello to our new princess.

EW revealed today that Native American actress Sara Tomko (The Son) has been tapped to play Tiger Lily in the ABC drama. Tiger Lily, for all of you not familiar with Peter Pan lore, is the princess of the “Piccaninny tribe” and a love interest of the boy who does not age.

Her backstory appears to have been tweaked for her Once Upon A Time appearance, as expected, and the show-runners tease, her return could mean bad news for our favorite pirate.

Because, of course, Hook couldn’t have just left behind friends in Neverland. No, that would just be too boring. (No, seriously…we know he was a villain, but this is taking it a bit too far, Once Upon A Time).

“As Captain Hook continues on his path to redemption, his dark past is never far away,” executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis revealed to EW. “He’s left a long line of adversaries and Tiger Lily is the latest to return and complicate his efforts to leave that past behind.”

Tiger Lily is set to appear in two episodes of the ABC drama.

Once Upon A Time is currently on hiatus. It’s expected to return with new episodes on March 5th.

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