Billboard Teases 1D Fandom with Harry Styles Hints

It is the classic ‘I know something you dont know’ taunt, and it is equally as effective through simple images on an Instagram account as it was when Jamie Gray did the same to me in middle school.

Irksome, yet intriguing enough to drive you mad.

For the last two days, Billboard has played this little game with the One Direction fandom by posting images of Harry Styles on their Instagram account. The captions are simple and indirect, giving no hint to their sudden rekindled interest in the curly haired one.

Sunday came with one of the fandoms fav images from last tour, of Harry sipping a coffee and giving a thumbs up during a show. Adorably natural with the caption simply a thumbs up emoji.

Monday repeated Harry as a feature on their Instagram, another image from last year of him holding a camera. This caption was Harry Monday.


Of course, there are rumors and speculation. This includes the possibility of a surprise album drop a la Beyonce in the coming weeks. Although, with as busy as Harry has been with the Dunkirk movie and the holidays with his family, this one seems unlikely.

Another possibility includes a surprise performance at the upcoming Grammy awards. As Harry landed in LA recently, this one is a little more possible, although again uncertain. It does have many in the fandom on the edge of their seats waiting for Grammy night to see if it comes true, however.

Could it be Harry is in LA to record for an upcoming album? Visit friends? Promo for Dunkirk? Who knows.

Well, Billboard seems to….teasing buggers.

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