Liam Paynes Close Call

It is one of those events you never hope to witness, face, or have anyone you care about involved with. But for Liam Payne, it seems that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

While partying the night away at the Peppermint Club, a hot spot known for celebrity appearances, Liam found himself at the site of the latest angry shooting. A club goer, trying to enter with a fake ID, had a heated confrontation with security at the entrance. Thankfully, he was not permitted entrance into the club, or this scene could have been much worse. But, in an angry outburst, the individual fired shots off in the parking lot before escaping on foot.

Those inside the club admit to hearing the shots, and stayed put while police investigated. Many were tweeting, stating they knew little to nothing on what was going on, other than hearing shots.

It is said that Liam left the club within the hour after the shots rang out. He was unharmed.

Probably not his funnest night out, that is for sure. We are just glad no one was injured.

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