5 Essential Things You Need to Know About The CW’s Riverdale

Before you dive into the lives of the residents of Riverdale, the secrets this small town holds, and the death of Jason Blossom, let’s go over 5 essential things you need to know about The CW’s live-action adaptation of Archie & his friends.

1. It’s a whole new Riverdale.

This live-action series is based on the flagship title ARCHIE #1 by writers Mark Waid and artist Fiona Staples, which came to life after a 666-issue run spanning over 70 years. The stories in this revival feel fresh, grounded in the present, and with the right amount of levity to keep you invested.

This is not the Archie we’ve always known. The lives of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Cheryl, Josie, and the residents of Riverdale will be compelling, dark, heartfelt, and feel closer to us than ever before because we understand the pain of lose and growing up.

2. Beronica is where it’s at.

At the center of classic Archie comics is the love triangle between Archie, Betty, and Veronica. And while Riverdale will definitely touch base on this, it won’t be the central focus. While Archie is off canoodling with his teacher, Veronica and Betty are going to continue living their lives. (Things don’t stop just because Andrews is busy.)

Veronica is looking to change her image and takes a chance on being friends with someone kind and wholesome aka Betty. She’s surprised when it turns into something real and the two women bond. Riverdale will build a relationship between these two that sheds the “frenemies” label and goes for something more complex.

3. Music is in the hearts of many.

Archie doesn’t want to go o college, get a business degree, and come back to work for his father’s construction company. He loves his dad, but music is his passion and he wants to pursue it no matter how foolhardy it might seem.

Music is also in the heart of Josie. She’s created a whole persona around the Pussycats and plans on taking them off to stardom and out of Riverdale. Conflict arises when Archie pursues his dream despite Josie’s warning that this is her town and that he needs to pursue another dream.

4. Archie is oblivious & hiding secrets.

After a summer apart, Betty is ready to move things forward when it comes to her relationship with Archie. They’ve know each other since they were children and she wants him to see her as a woman and not just his best friend.

Things don’t go as planned when the appearance of Veronica Lodge draws his eye. On top of that he’s keeping secrets and not telling her about what changed while she was away. (Besides the rocking abs that he’s suddenly sporting.) Archie’s got another thing coming if he thinks this girl is going to wait around until he gets his head on right.

5. Jason Blossom death causes chaos.

His death not only throws the town into a tailspin, it makes Cheryl Blossom, his sister, into a foe to watch out for. She hates Betty and will do what she can to destroy whatever relationship she wants with Archie because of Betty’s history with her brother.

Everyone’s got secrets and the death of this Blossom will start unearthing all of them one by one. And you know what happens when people want to keep things hidden. People get hurt and more tragedy follows. 

Riverdale premieres Thursday, January 26th at 9/8c on The CW.

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