Wattpad Block Party WEIII Interview Series: Part IV

We are only a week away from the kick off of Wattpads best fan run event, the Wattpad Block Party hosted by Kelly Anne Blount. Bringing together some of Wattpads biggest writers, along with new and incredibly up and coming favorites, this is the one compilation that gives you your favs with intros to new hits.

And we are bringing you behind the scenes with us as we count down to the start of the event on February 1. We’ve been asking the participating authors a series of questions to hint to their posts, and get you even more excited for the start.

Here is this features question:

Tell us about writing your post…was it hard? exciting? different? What can readers expect?

And here are their answers!

@winx1348 My post is a sneak peek at the first chapter of a new story I’m working on that will be posted on Wattpad in a month or two. It was definitely different writing it, as the story itself is such a jump from my comfort zone – from contemporary to an action story focusing around a spy syndicate, though I’m really excited to see how it’s received!

@shaunallan my post is from Sin’s point of view and has him discussing an issue he’s had for a little while, now. He seems to think he’s fictional. I can’t think where he gets the idea from! It’s always fun to write as Sin, to be honest. He and I are so closely intertwined, I thoroughly enjoy getting my Sin Hyde head on!

@druidrose My post was relatively easy in that it is the first chapter of my third book that I had written since November. It was just a matter of editing… the hard part was writing the introduction to it, truth be told. But I’m excited to finally reveal it, and I hope my readers enjoy it because I’m more than ready to start sharing this!

@OutOfMyLimit17 My post was something new for me. It is a darker theme than what I normally do. It is a chapter from my upcoming mafia story. But I am super excited to try something new and test the waters for something different!

@Me2you804 My post is a one shot set a few years prior to The Billionaire’s Housekeeper. I struggled a lot with writing the piece because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to write. I kept changing my mind on what I wanted to happen and how much I wanted to reveal. I am so indecisive at the moment. Hopefully the readers will enjoy what I’ve written!

@Sbrobinson my post is an inspiring tutorial. I’m sharing with writers and those planning on writing ways to use Scrivener to create a storyboard. It includes screenshots from my Storyboards and tips for organizing with the corkboard option.

@kevinaoyatedor it’s an alternate scene in the epilogue between Molly and Cole. I kept going back and forth with my post, trying different scenes for any of my stories. Eventually it came easy, readers were adamant that these two don’t get back together so they will be kind of surprised.
@dcompbooks I basically gush about the awesomeness of fanfiction and I wrote a short little look into a different’s character’s past from his POV. That proved a little more difficult, but overall the whole thing was pretty fun and easy to write.
@simonkjones I finished writing A Day of Faces last year and didn’t intend to go back to it. To my surprise, comments started coming in demanding a sequel. ‘A Murder in Four Dimensions’ isn’t quite that, but it does follow on from the end, introducing new characters and exploring an unseen aspect of the story. It was weird and challenging and fun to go back to that universe.
@BrendanOlenick I decided to stay away from doing anything related to any existing works or posting any new stuff. I figured if people wanna read that, they can just go to my page and do so. So for my post I chose to just answer questions and go in depth on topics like writing, Wattpad, and why I do what I do. All done in a way where I tried to show a lot of who I am in a way that’s very personable and true to how I am in real-life.
@Squeaks7 I wrote a short story centering around a couple secondary characters from my Vale Series. I’ve had a number of readers request stories featuring some of the many secondary characters throughout the books. So, it felt like the write time to give them what they’ve been asking for and it was fun focusing on the same world through the eyes of other characters!

@AtomicNicky My post is a video trailer for a new book that will be debuting on my profile alongside the #WattpadBlockParty. Piecing the video together to tell a short story as well as using audio and visual elements was a unique challenge, compared to the conventional writing in my previous Block Party posts. I’m looking forward to the reader response and hope that people find the video entertaining (and proceed to read the book!)
@xxnightstripexx My post is an excerpt from a book I’m excited to share this year by finishing it on wattpad. It’s hard to find something to share for readers because I’m not sure what they want. I just hope they like it because I have started writing a lot of paranormal and romance so I’d love to hook someone who’d like to read them and tell me what they think before I try to publish.
@jdfanff At the beginning I was overwhelmed because I didn’t know what to write about, I had many ideas but decided to ask my readers, and they all wanted an interview with my main characters. So then I asked them to send me the questions and I got so many that it made my job easier and very exciting. I just can’t wait for them to read the answers to their questions!
@Joflower Yes, it was hard! My post was a bonus “Valentine’s Day Special” scene with everyone’s favourite goof-ball and a mysterious new character, who makes her debut in the next book in the series. These two characters did not want to be there, never mind talk to each other! I had to insert myself into the scene to drag the goof-ball there (and the jerk made us late!).
There will be one more post before the launch of the Block Party…so be sure to check back for it at the end of the week!

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