Fangirlish’s FEELS of the Week: January 22-28

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week

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Lizzie: Felicity Smoak, on Arrow. Oh, Felicity. How I’ve missed you. It’s been like a year since I last saw the real you. The one who’s the smartest person in the room, the one who tells Oliver the truth, the one who fights, the one who feels and actually does something about it, even if things don’t always work out. Can you please stick around? I’m begging you.

Alyssa: It’s a tie between Arrow’s Felicity Smoak and The Flash’s Iris West, who have both proven that heroes aren’t all masks and physical superiority. Felicity has been a fan-favorite character since her debut in season one, and Arrow’s midseason premiere helped us remember why. After suffering from poor characterization in season 5A, Felicity roared back with a vengeance with her determination and intelligence proving that, yes, she’s always the smartest person in the room, but also that she’s the one you should always listen to. And she also had a hand in the physical action a little bit. Iris displayed badassery in a different way as she handled the emotional implications of the shocking revelation that she would be killed in four months. While most people would run or do anything to save themselves, Iris wasn’t willing to compromise her morality in order to have Barry sacrifice protecting the city in order to protect her. She handled it with class and strength while also having those vulnerable moments that remind us that she’s not immune to the severity of the situation.

Charles: Ophelia Mayer on Sweet/Vicious. In a jam-packed season finale, Ophelia got shit done. Not only did she and Jules save Tyler’s butt from prison but helped get a piece of scum off the street. Add onto that that she was willing to turn herself in to save Harris and Jules, revealed Nate as the piece of garbage he is to the whole school and was a supportive girlfriend to Evan as well, Ophelia is a total badass. And I didn’t even mention her and Jules kicking some frat boy ass trying to get to Evan. Ophelia is someone I want on my side because I would be deathly afraid to piss her off.

Liz: Definitely Jules Thomas from Sweet/Vicious. During the two-hour season finale, Jules filed a sexual assault report against Nate, and then she testified against him, which was extremely brave and badass. Even though her Title IX guilty verdict was overturned, Jules still got justice by helping bring Nate down in front of the WHOLE school!! Not to mention, she also helped get her bae, Tyler, out of prison by coming up with the whole plan and THEN going into the creepy guy’s house to plant the evidence and such. What a badass. I wanna be her, but also be her best friend.

Nora: I have to jump on the Felicity Smoak bandwagon. It has felt like AGES since the real Felicity has been on Arrow and while I’m still not over the sloppy character structures in 5A this episode, especially with Felicity, brought back a character I admire and love. Between going head to head with Black Siren, to speaking her mind with Oliver to even training, Felicity Somali is a badass this week. Emily Bett Rickards is one of the strongest assets Arrow has and this week her strengths shine. Rickards can play the quiet moments as well as the loud moments extremely well. Felicity Smoak is back and better than ever. Also, that Black Siren knockout punch? EPIC.

Terri: Woah, lots of consensus in this week’s choice! I too chose Felicity from Arrow as my badass of the week. I loved Arrow this week and she was the best part of it. From the kickass moments (girl can work a punching bag) to the quiet emotional ones (I always appreciate the ability to cry on cue) she is one of my favourite characters on TV.

April: While the obvious choice from Riverdale would be Veronica Lodge, the title of badass female character of the week really belongs to Betty Cooper. Betty had to deal with the unnecessarily vicious, extremely stereotypical Cheryl Blossom bullying her about her sister, and yet she didn’t give into Cheryl’s attempt at turning her into an ice cold bitch. She stood up to her mom, reminding her that she is the perfect daughter, sister and student and she is allowed to go to the dance with Archie Andrews if she so chooses. Additionally, she came right out and asked Archie if he liked her romantically at all. Betty might not have been slaying Blossom dragons left and right like Veronica, but her quiet demeanor made her standing up for herself all the more important. In a single episode – the pilot, no less – Betty took one for nice girls everywhere.

Erin: For me, it’s so hard to choose. There was a lot of great TV this week. But hands down – it’s Jules, Kennedy, and Ophelia from Sweet/Vicious. There was a lot that went on in the season finale and those three proved that they don’t back down from anything. But they sure as hell don’t back down from being there for each other. Sweet/Vicious is so important. So damn important. These three characters are changing the way that we talk about sexual assault and I can’t thank this show enough for that.

OTP of the Week

Alyssa: I can’t believe I’m writing this after the disappointment that has been Arrow season 5A, but Olicity finally felt like Olicity in its midseason premiere. While I haven’t forgiven or forgotten what’s happened in 5A, this was definitely the progress that I was hoping for. There was a plethora of Olicity moments that made my heart swell and made me smile involuntarily, which was so very reminiscent of the old days. Arrow allowed Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards to just let their chemistry and instincts guide the way, which provided for moments that meant so much more than they would have on paper. For the first time in a long while I feel a sense of hope for the couple. And man, oh man, it felt so good to watch these two just be themselves and create magic on screen.

Charles: Jules and Tyler on Sweet/Vicious. It’s nice to see these two back together and happy, especially Jules. They have a lovely chemistry and care for each other completely. Their “I love yous” to each other in the season finale was for lack of a better word, adorable. No clue what the future holds for Jyler but it feels like these two are perfectly matched for one another.

Liz: Ophelia and Evan from Sweet/Vicious! These two are so supportive of each other and continually validate each other’s feelings. They have such a healthy and positive relationship that’s just so cute to watch blossom onscreen!! I love that they can have fun and joke around, but also be serious with each other. AND FOREHEAD KISSES 4 DAYZ!!!

Nora: Harvey and Donna on Suits steals my heart in the OTP category this week. Darvey is the definition of a slow burn and while they aren’t officially together yet, we got a little closer this week. The mid-season premiere features a steamy Darvey kiss, in bed, with Donna wearing Harvey’s shirt. And while it ended up being a dream, just seeing them together was enough to melt me into a puddle of OTP feels. Harvey had a dream about the two of them being together and if that’s not enough to send you into Darvey overload, I don’t know what is!

April: Kevin and Sophie from This Is Us was a beautiful surprise. I was rooting for Kevin and Sloane, but from the moment Kevin showed up at Sophie’s door and shared his knowledge of punctuation, to watching The Princess Bride together (hands-down one of the best movies of all-time) and then to Kevin’s birthday card with a simple “Love, Sophie,” they were absolute perfection. Kevin telling his parents that he couldn’t send Sophie back to best friend Kate’s birthday party because he loves her was too adorable. I’m eager to learn more about their story and why they became divorced. On that note, I’d also like to know if Sophie and Kate were ever best friends again, or if she only became Kevin’s girl.

Erin: For me, this has to be Kevin and Sophie from This Is Us. Now, I was shocked to find out that Kevin had been married and that it was his sister’s best friend from childhood. But when he showed up at her door – I was gone. It was the big romantic gesture that we all hope for in love. It just made my heart flutter.

Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS

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Lyra: The moment Lydia Martin realized how much Stiles Stilinski meant to her on Teen Wolf. She’s always loved Stiles, but I think it took her till this moment to understand the depth of her feelings and that they had surpassed that of friendship. This isn’t a sudden change for Lydia Martin that’s coming out of left field. Her love for Stiles has been steadily growing throughout the years. She needed this particular experience to finally connect the pieces and open the gateway to Stiles.

Alyssa: The final scene of Shadowhunters where Simon embraced Clary as Jace looked on with a wave of emotion that felt so much like the spirit of the books. Jace watched as Simon embraced Clary the way he wanted to but couldn’t. Not anymore. And he couldn’t do anything about it. You could see the physical pain it was causing Jace as these feelings came crashing down on him. It was heartbreaking but so, so good.

Nora: When Kate has a breakthrough while away at camp on This Is Us and we catch a memory of her at Jack’s funeral. While at a spiritual, weight loss camp, Kate faces her problems with her weight head on and we catch a glimpse of Jack’s funeral. While we know Jack dies, we don’t know the circumstances and just this quick glimpse in Kate’s memory is enough to make me sob! Jack is the backbone of the Pearson family and thinking of the loss they endure is already reducing me to a blubbering mess.

April: It is difficult to pinpoint just one moment from This Is Us that made me collapse into feels this week, as This Is Us is the television equivalent of feels. Randall telling his parents he has three really good friends and that’s all he needs. Jack voguing with Kate. William’s dream come true. Kate breaking down at immersive fat camp. A montage featuring Jack’s dreaded death. Jack asking Rebecca for another kid. Randall teaching William to drive. Simply put, the entirety of this week’s episode of This Is Us is my choice for moment that made me collapse into a pile of FEELS.

Erin: When Kate had her breakthrough while away at camp. There is so much appreciation for This Is Us and the way that they are keeping Kate’s journey real. I think as an overweight person – I have rarely seen the story of what is involved in weight loss portrayed as vulnerable and truthful as it is on This Is Us. And I can’t thank this show enough. We need to see truth in the stories we see. I broke down when I saw Kate’s breakthrough and felt emotionally vulnerable. And I appreciate that this show does that for me.  

Superhero of the Week

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Lyra: Bass Reeves, played by Colman Domingo, on Timeless. No matter what came this man’s way, he stuck to his guns and his principles. Even the death of his best friend didn’t sway him from doing what was right and what was the law. I had hoped that he would give Wyatt some perspective, but unfortunately we all know how that ended. He went off half-cocked to save his wife.

Alyssa: While Kara Danvers has never been anything less than super, this week she reminded us that being a superhero is more than just a costume and powers. Being a superhero stems from your beliefs and sacrifices in the face of adversity. Kara was willing to put sacrifice herself — without her powers — to protect a group of people from evil aliens. She also was able to inspire Mon-El to want to do the same.

Nora: I have to give this one to Curtis Holt on Arrow this week. After a rocky 5A, every character on Arrow seemingly got a fresh start this week. Curtis struggles with his Mr. Terrific identity as he realizes that there are greater consequences to being part of Team Arrow. His speech to Wild Dog about not being strong enough, being constantly beaten down and losing Paul to this lifestyle was a great moment. Echo Kellum lost some of his spark in 5A of Arrow but this episode utilized him nicely and we got to see the character we fell in love with in season 4. I can’t wait to see where Mr. Terrific goes the rest of the season.

April: This might be cheating, but every member of The Librarians’ trio. Ezekiel Jones, Cassandra Cillian and Jacob Stone used magic to turn Egyptian god Apep human so he could be destroyed by the Eye of Ra instead of Flynn Carsen. Ezekiel gave him a heart, Cassandra gave him the power of thought, and Stone gifted him with an inner soul. Thanks to those three, Apep was finally annihilated, and Flynn didn’t need to sacrifice himself for it to happen.

Erin: For me – it’s Kate on This is Us. A superhero doesn’t have to wear a cape – sometimes they just have to be vulnerable. And showing vulnerability isn’t easy. So kudo’s Kate for inspiring us all.

Quote of the Week

Lyra: “That’s when it happened. When I kissed him, that’s when it all changed.” – Lydia Martin, Teen Wolf

Liz: My top three favorite things in life: smell of fresh paint, black and white cookies, and TITLE IX HEARINGS!” – Tyler, Sweet/Vicious

Nora: “I’d love to see what I’m like on Earth 2…Oh god, what if I’m straight?!” -Curtis, Arrow

Alyssa: “Read my glossed lips, Justin Gingerlake.” -Josie to Archie, Riverdale

Terri: “My biggest fears are Nicolas Cage, the actor… and aliens” – Alexis, The Bachelor

April: “The Lone Ranger’s black?” – Rufus Carlin, Timeless

Charles: “I won’t let you sacrifice yourselves. You mean too much to me.” – Castiel. Supernatural

Erin: “This doesn’t define you. You are a strong, beautiful woman, and nothing can break you unless you give it permission.” – Jules, Sweet Vicious

WTF Moment of the Week

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Lizzie: Wyatt’s whole “Will you help me save my wife” to Rufus on Timeless. I knew it was coming, we all did, but it’s still so monumentally stupid that I had to pause and say WTF, Wyatt, WTF? In what universe does this end well for him? And yet, at the same time, would he have been the Wyatt we know and love if he hadn’t tried?

Alyssa: The reveal in Riverdale’s pilot that Ms. Grundy is sleeping with her student Archie. I understand that Archie got hot (like hot damn, ABS), but what would ever make you think it was a good idea to sleep with a student? Like not only did that come out of left field, but come on Grundy, use your head.

Nora: Just the first 10 minutes of Scandal this week. When Shonda Rhimes says you will be on the floor shocked, I don’t know why I never prepare myself for the worst. From Frankie Vargas winning the election, to getting shot, to Cyrus supposedly putting out a kill order, it was all a big WTF moment!!

Terri: Everything that happened on this week’s premiere of Scandal. We are lead to believe that Cyrus put a hit out to kill the President elect, but did he really do it? Nothing is ever straightforward in Scandal-land, so I guess this is the story that’s going to carry us through the first part of the season.

April: D.O.S.A. channeling their inner Medusa and Jadis by turning the immortal caretaker Jenkins into stone on The Librarians.

Charles: Can I pick everything from Riverdale? If I have to narrow to one thing it would be Archie sleeping with his teacher. That felt gross and weird and unnecessary. A just random plot point used only for shock and to show Archie has “a dark secret”.

Erin: Archie sleeping with his teacher. I am getting really tired of shows glamorizing this. Like it’s not a good thing. It’s gross. And it’s illegal. AND IT SHOULDN’T HAPPEN. Find another way to give someone a “dark secret.”

Agree? Disagree? Have another moment you think we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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