14 Thoughts That We Had While Watching The I Don’t Wanna Live Forever Music Video

Lets all admit it – we look forward to movie soundtracks. We like knowing what the music will be. And if there is one thing we learned from Fifty Shades of Grey – the music will be amazing.

And that is something that we have been banking on since the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack list was released was that this one is going to be just as amazing as the first.

Zayn and Taylor Swift are on the soundtrack with the song I Don’t Wanna Live Forever.

We loved the music video, but we had a few thoughts.

1 – He’s sexy as fuck. I wonder what he’d look like wet… move the umbrella. Dear Lord, he’s hot.

2 – Why is it so dark? Like I want to see his pretty face. Let me see the pretty face.

3 – Bashful in an elevator? That’s where all the good stuff happens in 50 Shades?

4 – Taylor and 50 Shades seems kind of odd… but I’ll look past it cause I love the song.

5 – Command that room! Work it!

6 – Lean back pretty man, lean back! YASSS!!

7 – How the hell does no one notice that Taylor Swift is in the room?

8 – I wonder if he’s biting his lip under there.

9 – YASSS girl! Assert yourself.

10 – Even Taylor Swift plays he love me, he loves me not.

11 – Gigi’s a good best friend, cause nope – I would be like ain’t no one touching my man.

12 – I need to learn how to do my liner like that.

13 – Girl looks like she got caught.

14 – He has better eyelashes than me.

Fifty Shades hits theaters February 10th.

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