Liam Payne Gets New Tattoo and Preps for Baby?

Liam Payne got a new tattoo, and it has the 1D fandom a flutter.

The feminine eye on his forearm bears a striking resemblance to girlfriend Cheryl…

Mixed in under the skull, above the rose and next to the gears, the eye stares realistically outward. The rose which Payno had tatted a while back in apparent tribute to Cheryls iconic rose bum tattoo was the first tribute to his lady love, and now, possibly, her eye? Liam has a wide array of tattoos as he cultivates favs for his sleeves, so really, a new tattoo isnt that surprising. Whether it is actually for Cheryl or not remains to be seen…no pun intended.

With a ‘probable but not confirmed’ baby on the way, this is yet another step to solidify the two as a pair. It is said that high scale buggy company Silver Cross was seen delivering goods to Liam’s Surrey home recently, as the two prepare to welcome their little person in the coming months. While Cheryl is in nesting mode, Liam is in LA putting the finishing touches on his upcoming solo album.

Well, no matter the ocean between them, it looks like Cheryl has her ‘eye’ on Liam…*ba da cha* Yes, I like corny jokes….

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