The Royals 3×08 Recap: “In the Same Figure, Like the King That’s Dead”

This episode starts with Liam running to sort out his problems or Liam running away from his problems, depending on how you look at it. He catches sight of #KingLiam graffiti-ed on a wall, which sets him up for the rest of the episode. Later on, Liam finds Robert and apologizes for his behavior at the gala and such. Liam explains how hard it has been to have give up the “direction and and meaning” he found while Robert was away. Robert understands, and the brothers hug it out.

When we catch up with Eleanor this episode she is still waiting for a text from Jasper. I don’t even know if he has his read receipts on. But Eleanor isn’t going to let all of this bring her down because the Naked Tiger Run is on her agenda. Oh, it’s also Rosie’s first day on the job. Rosie is fumbling over her words, obviously worried about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, but she did decide on some very sensible footwear to keep up with the princess. Eleanor gets painted head-to-toe in tiger stripes, while Rosie wears a tiger onesie after refusing to strip down. Eleanor meets up with Prince Sebastian Idrisi, who is also looking very tiger-like. Eleanor immediately shoots down any of his advances, because they are NOT on a date. The two of them end up ditching Rosie, leaving her lost and confused saying, “Tigers never leave their pack.” Eleanor and Sebastian take a stroll with Eleanor sporting and “I <3 London” shirt that Sebastian bought for her. They talk a bit about how Eleanor is handling the break-up. Sebastian then thinks that he can cheer Eleanor up with some food. The restaurant won’t let the likes of them in, so Sebastian makes a call and buys the restaurant. He now owns an island AND a restaurant.

Helena’s usual morning routine was running a bit behind at the start of this episode. Spencer finds the staff waiting in the hall outside of her door. After entering the massive room, Spencer and the staff are met with a very Queen-less room. Helena has slipped away on a secret adventure to Paris with Jack Parker from last episode. Things between them seem to be heating up very quickly… I don’t trust him. I don’t think Spencer does either, because upon Helena’s return, Spencer and Robert are waiting in her room with crossed arms to ask her about her trip. Obviously none of this is Robert’s business, but it may pertain to her Lord Chamberlain.

Angie, Kathryn’s sister, is having a grand time mocking her sister’s inability to give up one of the two princes while also frolicking around in Prince Liam’s shirt he had left at Kathryn’s place. This shirt proves to be of more importance than you would originally guess when Willow shows up at Kathryn’s to, I assume, add her to the list of potential wives for Robert. (It may also have to do with some other social media business.) Willow interrupts Angie taking selfies in Liam’s shirt, and Willow catches Liam’s initials embroidered in the corner of the shirt. She puts two and two together and is very hurt by her findings.

Willow wasn’t able to catch Kathryn because she was out on a date with Robert. The two were visiting a bakery when a few girls spot her and have to take a picture with her. They also ask Kathryn what Prince Robert is like. Luckily for them, Robert pops up behind the girls and asks if they all want to take some pictures together, which of course they do. After Robert takes photos with a few other people, he and Kathryn take a walk and discuss life and what the future may entail. Kathryn is finding it odd that people are recognizing her, whereas Robert is thinking about walking away from the crown, living a life in solitude, raising a family, and growing old with someone. Is that someone Kathryn? I don’t know but I do know that I am still pulling for a potential relationship between him and Willow.

Cyrus is up to some really interesting shenanigans in this episode. He is turning to alternative, if we can even call it that, medicine to rid him of his cancer. He’s looking to a shaman that is willing to heal his soul with 4 offerings – one being blood from a powerful predator. Cyrus and his large ego think that his blood will suffice as the blood from a powerful predator. It doesn’t, so he looks to a baby fox for answers. Cinnamon begs Cyrus to not kills the adorable animal. Turns out, the fox isn’t as sweet and adorable as it seemed because it attacks Cyrus after Cyrus attempts to attack it. Now, there is a fox loose in the palace. James Hill is very amused by this entire situation.

After telling him to clear her evening schedule, Spencer finally speaks up and says that he’s been covering for her trip to Paris and she should’ve clued him in. Helena stands her ground letting him know that she has given him enough just by hiring him. She refuses to apologize to him for having a great day after the year she’s had. I don’t blame her and I’m with her. But Helena takes things a little to far for my liking when telling Spencer if he can’t handle the way things are that he should “rethink his place in this monarchy.”

Harper Day, the very intrusive journalist, gets an unfriendly wake-up call from Jasper. While, yes, he was intruding, he did make himself at home with a cup of tea. Anyway, Jasper knows about her past in Dubai where she used to run drugs for a sheikh. He’s willing to tell Brady, who I assume to be her eight-year-old son, all of that information if she doesn’t shut up and listen to him. Jasper is willing to give Harper a better story to publish if she buries the one about him and Eleanor. He assures her that this story will make her career skyrocket. When asked why he would want to help her, Jasper says, “Sometimes I wish I could just go back and wipe away my past, start over. Well, if I can’t have that chance, maybe you can. So take it.”

Back with Eleanor and Sebastian, a conversation starts about Eleanor designing full time. Sebastian thinks that she could be both a princess and designer, and I think Eleanor is starting to believe she can wear more than one hat as well. Sebastian even bought Eleanor some very tasteful black clothes for dessert. There is a reason for the clothes. People found out about their lunch, so Eleanor and Sebastian can’t really walk around nearly naked anymore. When the two of them return to the palace, James Hill directs them to a very distressed Rosie. James tried to tell Rosie that Eleanor ditching her security detail was like a rite of passage, but Rosie still felt as if she let Eleanor down. Rosie Hozier is used to being on a battlefield and she doesn’t want anyone to be left behind because that could end in death. James tries to defuse the tension by telling Eleanor that her and Rosie are partners and they need to start acting that way. After saying, “This isn’t a battlefield. It’s my home. It’s your home now too,” Eleanor hugs her new partner and all is well. Eleanor walks Sebastian out later on in the episode and there’s an awkward moment where Sebastian wants to be something more and Eleanor doesn’t. She is just looking for a friend; Sebastian understands but lets her know that he, as a tiger, mates for life.

Once Helena returns to the palace after another date at a venue with a spectacular view with Jack Parker, Helena is met with a resignation letter from Spencer. This leads to a grand confrontation where Helena calls Spencer’s affection for her a crush but also clues him in on how essential he is to her. She even says, “So stop being a pussy and get back to work,” which has to be one of my favorite lines from the episode. Spencer doesn’t end up resigning after all.

If you were wondering what that huge story must be that Jasper has under his belt, well it involves our old friend(?) Brandon Boone. He was the one who shot down Robert’s plane. Jasper tries to pull Brandon into this deal by telling him it may change his luck. Also, I did notice that these two are always pulling guns on each other. Jasper takes Brandon to meet Harper. Brandon is very persistent that he doesn’t want the interview recorded in any format, so he pats down Harper knowing she isn’t wearing a wire. Gross, right? He gives Harper the shock of her life by saying, “The man who killed the last King of England hired me to kill the next King of England.” Once all is said and done, Harper still wants proof, and Jasper promises he will deliver. Brandon wonders why Jasper is going through all this trouble and Jasper sets him straight by saying, “it matters to Eleanor. For Eleanor.” That’s when Brandon notices that Jasper is motivated by something purer than everyone else; he’s motivated by love. Brandon is just looking for some form of redemption out of all of this. He leaves us on a bit of a cliffhanger by telling Jasper, “There’s something else you need to know.” I wonder what that’s all about…

The Henstridge brothers are two for two for apologizes in this episode. Robert apologizes to Liam for not considering what Liam “gained and had to give up” upon Robert’s return. Robert suggests that he and Liam go talk to their mother and see if she is still willing to see Liam take the crown. If she believes this is Liam’s time, then Robert will stand behind Liam, no matter what. The brothers walk in on Helena burning Spencer’s resignation letter. Liam makes his pitch proving that he is still ready to rule. Helena shuts him down without a thought saying, “This is Robert’s time.” What a blow. A defeated Liam leaves the room, leaving his mother to reprimand her eldest son for manipulating her into being the bad guy in the situation. Helena and Robert do agree that need to be unified as a family to take crown from Cyrus. Robert does prove a point by saying that Liam couldn’t hear all of that from Robert, the person he is always standing in the shadow of. Helena acknowledges her son’s reasoning and ends the conversation with, “Long live King Robert.”

James Hill is the bearer of bad news towards the end of the episode when informing Cyrus that his shaman was really a man named Murray Matthis who sold orthopedic shoes. Cyrus completely crumbles admitting he doesn’t want to miss any of his life and if the Privy Council votes against him he is going to kill himself. He states, “I won’t let the cancer take me.” Cyrus meets with Charles Wescott in the tunnels to see if everything is still lining up for Cyrus with the Privy Council. Charles encourages Cyrus to put his best self forward and the council will pick him because of that. That’s not enough for Cyrus. He proves that be telling Charles, “You save the King, Wescott, and the King will save you.”

Jasper meets up with his good friend Liam at a bar for a drink. Liam sees that a photo of Kathryn and Robert from the bakery was posted on the official social media account.The two are moping about their respective issues. Jasper gives some bad relationship advice, and Liam tells Jasper about Eleanor’s date with “some naked prince.” Not long after, Jasper gives Harper all of the proof she needs on a drive. If Jasper is caught, it will be considered treason and he will go to prison, but Jasper knows that Eleanor is worth it. Harper says that if everything checks out she will destroy the story about Jasper and Eleanor. Jasper then tells Harper that he wants her to look into Sebastian Idrisi.

Now on to the most heartbreaking scene of the episode in my eyes. It felt like the final straw, the stakes were high, and it involved two of my favorite characters. Willow checks in with Liam, and Liam isn’t in the best mood and is super dismissive of her. She brings up Kathryn and how he should’ve trusted her enough to tell her because that’s what friends do. Friends trust each other. Willow delivers one of the realest moments of the episode by saying, “I told you I wouldn’t be the girl waiting for you to show up, Liam. And here I am, waiting for you to show up.” Liam very harshly says that he never asked her to wait around. To make their divide even wider, Willow is sure to call Liam “Your Highness” on the way out.

When Eleanor climbs in her bed at the very end of the episode, she is surprised to see someone waiting for her. The baby fox that was roaming that palace has taken up residence in her bed. Don’t worry Jaspenor shippers, Jasper has taken up residence outside of Eleanor’s door, undecided on whether to enter or not. There’s hope!

The last shot of the episode of the episode is of a very broken Liam. I am extremely worried about him. I want to hug him and make everything better. What about you all?

Some bits and bobs from this week’s episode of The Royals:

  1. Why haven’t we seen Robert’s security detail? Or Helena’s? Are they not relevant enough?
  2. Jake Maskall (Cyrus) stole the show in those last five minutes.
  3. We got Jasper back in this episode, but where was Sara Alice?
  4. William Moseley (Liam) has absolutely KILLED it this season!
  5. How long did Alex Park (Eleanor) and Toby Sandeman (Sebastian) have to sit in hair and makeup for their tiger stripes?

A new episode of The Royals airs Sunday, February 12 at 10/9c on E!

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