See A Question You Should Never Ask and a Sneak Peek of Magnus and Alec’s First Date

A lot of you have been waiting for Malec’s first date. Hell we have been. There is nothing that we’ve been asking for more than for some development for their relationship – instead of us being told about it constantly.

It’s been something that the show has been severely lacking. I mean that amongst a few other things – but don’t get us started at all the reasons that we are pissed off at them today.

Freeform has released a sneak peek at Magnus and Alec’s first date.

Haha, don’t hustle the hustler.

The next clip that was released, has us laughing. It asks a question – you probably never should.

How many?

And then the last sneak peek – we get to see Simon and Maia meeting. Now we’re not pleased that Simon’s being forced out of the boat house. Luke would not stand for this shit if he was around.

The Shadowhunters episode, “Iron Sisters” airs Monday, February 6th on Freeform.

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