Fangirlish’s FEELS of the Week: January 29th-February 4th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week

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Lyra: Lily Sunder from Supernatural. Alicia Witt joins the ranks of badass women who have graced the screen on Supernatural. Her character Lily was persistent, sensible, sincere, and frank. She had revenge on her mind but never hurt innocents. She was a woman out of her time trying to right the wrong done to her by a man who couldn’t take “no” for an answer. She was a survivor.

Dana: Hands down it was Octavia from The 100. When she pretended to be a dead body and did her slide where she cut two guards at the knee was one of the best moments of the first episode of season 4.

Dorothy: Annalise Keating in How to Get Away with Murder is always a stand out. She’s currently not having the time of her life in prison but she’s making the most of it – plus, if anyone can handle it, it’s her. I’m honestly amazed at how she manages to get through even half the BS that gets thrown her way.

April: Riverdale’s Betty Cooper. Ever the nice, quiet, forgiving girl, she defied her mother’s request that she stay away from her friends and stood up to Cheryl Blossom when she accused Betty’s sister of killing her brother. Peacemaker Betty showed Cheryl that she did have fire within her when she told the head cheerleader to get out of her house. Also, Betty forgave both Archie and Veronica after they hurt her in the pilot, and told Archie she still wanted to be best friends even if he didn’t reciprocate her feelings. Betty Cooper is what so many love-stricken girls dream of becoming. She also has not one, not two, but three people who would kill to be her friend. Betty Cooper is definitely no Mary Sue.

Nora: I also have to go with Octavia from The 100. She’s been my favorite since day one and has undergone such an incredible, badass character arc. This week when she pretends to be a dead body and comes out, swords out and kills two guards with one slide on her knees. Octavia continuously amazes me and she was definitely one of the best parts of the season 4 premiere of The 100.

Chloe: Malia from Teen Wolf. Several times this season, we’ve seen the werecoyote listen to Peter when he tells her to run and save herself from the Ghost Riders while he stays back to fight. In this week’s winter finale, Malia finally turns back. She confronts her daddy issues and fights beside her father to protect her pack and her town from the Wild Hunt. That’s pretty badass if you ask me.

Charles : Rebecca Bunch from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It was so satisfying to see Rebecca tell off her loser father finally. It had been a tough episode for her but now with her dad out of her mind, her focus is now on revenge on Josh Chan for leaving her down the aisle. Josh better be happy with his choice of religion because he’ll need to pray a lot to avoid Rebecca’s wrath.

Erin: Bonnie Bennett from The Vampire Diaries. Like girl can not catch a break. She always has to put everyone before her and she gets the short end of the stick all the time. This week – Enzo was taken from her – cause Stefan’s a douchebag. And Bonnie has to remain strong. She always has to remain strong. She’s badass because she has to be and that’s not always easy.

OTP of the Week

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Charles: Anezka and Scott on Jane the Virgin.Yes, the have a evil plan ready to get Rafael and Petra out of the Marbella. However , these two really love each other and it is a beautiful, twisted thing.

Lexi: Stiles and Lydia (Stydia) from Teen Wolf. Their reunion was perfect and, after a six season build up, they finally became a couple, turning their fans into emotional messes.

April: My choice this week is platonic, rather than romantic: Riverdale’s Betty and Veronica. While many Beronica fans want them to become girlfriends, I’m fine either way – as much as TV needs more LGBT representation, it also desperately needs more female friendships. To apologize for hurting Betty in the pilot, Veronica offers mani-pedis and cupcakes. Despite Betty giving the mani-pedis to Cheryl and purposely hurting Veronica by becoming friendly with the ice queen, Veronica still felt that she and Betty were destined to be best friends. Their ending scene was perfect as well, agreeing that they would never let a boy come between them again. Unlike their comic book counterparts, I hope that is true.

Nora: I have a tie for OTP of the week, both involving Teen Wolf. I’ve been watching Teen Wolf since day 1 and to finally have Stiles and Lydia get together was a big moment for me. Their emotional reunion when Lydia sees Stiles for the first time and  says “I should’ve said it back,” was a perfect moment. My other OTP of the week is a BROTP, but Stiles and Scott’s reunion was honestly the best part of the episode. Stiles comes out, bat swinging, hits a Nazi and then Scott and Stiles hug. It’s a beautiful moment between them and made the episode.

Chloe: Is there any answer other than Stydia? Many a Teen Wolf fan has been hoping and praying for Six. Seasons. for Stiles and Lydia to get together. I think I’m not alone in saying that it was well worth the wait. Lydia finally acknowledging the extent of her feelings for Stiles in last week’s episode and then reuniting with him – the boy she’s spent all season trying to save – in this week’s midseason finale was everything. “I didn’t say it back.” “You don’t have to.” The kiss that broke the fandom. Perfection.

Erin: Bonnie and Enzo. There is no part of my heart that doesn’t hurt for them. There is not part of my heart that doesn’t want to crawl through the TV and make sure that they end up together. I know, I know – Stefan killed Enzo. And it hurts for them – because they belonged together.

Lizzie: Deckerstar, on Lucifer. I mean, technically, it wasn’t a big shippy episode. Unless you count how Lucifer was willing to DIE and go to literal HELL to save Chloe. And you should count that. We all should.

Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS

Timeless - “Karma Chameleon”

Lyra: Stiles and Lydia reuniting on Teen Wolf. This winter finale episode was teeming with cry worthy reunions. The one between Stydia was a long time coming and happened just like I imagined. They didn’t waste time being clichéd and have slow-mo confessions of love. They let each other know how they felt with words few words and the touch of each other’s bodies. The kiss and nuzzling left me starry eyed for hours!

Lizzie: The conversation between Lucy and Wyatt on Timeless. I figured Wyatt was gonna go off the rails and do something like this, and I figured Lucy, for all her objections, would try to help. I just didn’t expect it to hurt THIS much. Lucy honestly thought she was saying goodbye to Wyatt for good, and yet she’d never tell him not to try. And, in a way, they both knew that even if it was not really goodbye, it was quite possibly a goodbye to the possibility of something more happening between them. And despite all that, Wyatt never hesitated to confide in her and she never hesitated to help him. MY FEELS.

Charles : Betty touching Archie’s bruised eye on Riverdale. Archie hasn’t been the best character on there but that moment brought up a lot of emotions. You could see that there is maybe a chance for these two kids in the future.

April: Wyatt of Timeless doing everything in his power – including stealing the lifeboat – to stop his wife’s serial killer from ever being born, and succeeding – only to find out that while he saved the two other women the serial killer murdered, his own wife is still deceased.

Chloe: Because this was the week to end all weeks for Stydia fans, I’m sticking with Stiles and Lydia’s reunion on Teen Wolf. It was a perfect moment, and one that I look forward to re-watching again and again (and again).

Erin: Betty touching Archie’s eye on Riverdale. We’ve all been there. Loving someone who doesn’t love you – it’s hard. It’s heartbreaking. And seeing all that Betty is going through – it’s hard. I feel for her. But, I’ve been there – so I get it.

Superhero of the Week

April: Riverdale’s Hermione Lodge. The former trophy wife who has spent the better part of her adulthood lavishing in her husband’s wealth is now a single mom, working at a diner. It takes a strong woman to single-parent, especially when the other parent is in trouble with the law. Hermione also took that drab diner uniform and made it absolutely fabulous.

Lizzie: Kensi Blye/Henrietta Lange on NCIS: LA. The women pretty much saved the day on NCIS: LA, and although Kensi’s still in trouble, she’s never been a victim, not even when she was hurt and knocked down. I’m going to give props not just to her this week, though, but to Hetty as well, for actually having a plan, for finding the mole, and for getting most of the guys in one fell swoop. Now, all the team needs to do is find a way to save Kensi and all is well.

Erin: Betty on Riverdale. Girl is strong. She is so strong. She’s going through a lot and I feel like there is a lot more that we don’t know about her. But we’re learning. We are seeing what she is going through. And I feel like everyone can relate. But what makes her a superhero of the week is that she tried to move past what was happening to her, but was strong enough to admit that she was not able to move on just yet. She showed it was okay to be vulnerable.

Quote of the Week

Lyra: “You’d be amazed what a person can do with a little bit of purpose and an abundance of time.” – Lily Sunder on Supernatural

Lizzie: Are you done having your whisper fight? Just make out already and get it over with! – Ella on Lucifer.

Charles : “I didn’t say it back.” “You don’t have to.” – Lydia and Stiles on Teen Wolf

April: “Rufus, he can not go to her room.” “Right, ‘cause if he does, they’ll bang and create a serial killer, got it. That is not a sentence you say every day.” – Wyatt and Rufus, Timeless

Chloe: “I gotta get me one of these.” – Argent, on the Ghost Riders’ guns, Teen Wolf

Erin: “I’m back to being the shallow, toxic rich bitch who ruins everything in her path. Which is unfortunate because, even though I only just met Betty, it really felt like we were meant to be best friends, like it was our destiny. And now… [Sighs] it’s like there was this train that was heading to the rest of my life, and I just missed it.” – Veronica, Riverdale

WTF Moment of the Week

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Lyra: Wyatt from Timeless going back into the past to stop the conception of his wife’s murderer. I know this was an inevitable journey for Wyatt. He lost his wife and the means to save her had suddenly appeared in his life. And when he took this opportunity…it didn’t stop it from being a big WTF moment. It was like second hand embarrassment the entire time with a little bit of death thrown in. I’ve never cringed so much in an episode and known that this was the way it had to happen.

Lizzie: Pretty much the whole mess with the new Black Canary on Arrow. I’m all for badass female characters, but if you wanted to bring a female vigilante, why make her the Black Canary? Arrow already HAD a Black Canary, and they killed her. Now I’m supposed to believe they suddenly care about the legacy of the BC? And also, Dinah Drake? There’s already a Dinah Drake in the Arrowverse. We REMEMBER, ARROW. WE REMEMBER.

Charles: Chloe seeing that Lucifer has abandoned Lux and disappeared on Lucifer. Lucifer has been have all kinds of feelings for Chloe all season long. It all became too much for him to deal with after his last trip to hell. Now we have to wait till May to see where the devil the devil ran off too!

Dorothy: Connor being a total ass to Laurel in the hospital scene in How to Get Away with Murder. The poor girl just lost the father of her baby and Connor had the nerve to refer to him as “waitlist”. YIKES. Asher reacted accordingly though, by punching him straight in the face.

Danielle: Seeing Jesus’ disturbing surgery in The Fosters not only made me cry, but it made me want to vomit a little. Did we really have to see the process of his head getting shaved, cut and drilled open, being forced into a medically-induced coma? The Adams-Foster family has a lot on their hands with this boy, but if that wasn’t the freakiest, saddest scene, I don’t know what will be.

April: Cheryl Blossom taken out of class by the sheriff for the murder of her brother on Riverdale. It was something that seemed like it might be a possibility, since she has this weird, creepy fixation on him, but to have the idea out there so soon into the show was shocking.

Erin: Cheryl Blossom taken out of class for the murder of her brother. Holy shit, I did not see that one coming. That whole twin thing – sure, I don’t get it. But like if it’s as creepy as their relationship – well… I will pass. Cause WTF.

Agree? Disagree? Have another moment you think we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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