Some Gilberts Return For The Vampire Diaries Season Finale

5 more episodes.

We have five more episodes and then we have to say goodbye. I don’t know about you, but I am not ready for it. Saying goodbye is so final and for some reason I am not okay with The Vampire Diaries being over. It’s been a fandom that we have loved for what seems like forever.

And even though I am sad that it is ending, I am excited to see that some of our favorites are returning for the finale.

I’ve missed Jeremy Gilbert.

Saying hi to some old friends

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The cast has been filming the last episode – which we aren’t ready for. We’re wondering – knowing that Nina Dobrev is coming back for the finale – if they have found a way around the spell that Kai put her under. Also have to wonder if somehow Kai is back and is fixing the situation. Something is up – there are so many possibilities – but which one will be the ending? Probably something we haven’t even come close to thinking of.

Last scene in Damon’s bedroom. #TVDforever

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Also returning for the finale is John Gilbert.

Nina tweeted a picture from the set – fans who had waited outside to get a glimpse of the cast and some behind the scenes pics.

We can’t wait to see the series finale. We’ve got our tissues ready. Even though we don’t want it to end, we’re excited to see all of the Gilberts back together and whatever surprises the writers have in store.

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