The Originals Season 4 Trailer Sheds Light on the Mikaelson’s Future

We’re flashing forward 5 years after the events of Season 3 in a brand new trailer for The CW’s The Originals. Marcel has control of New Orleans and Vincent is still around, helping to contain and control the city the Mikaelson’s once ruled. Looks like Marcel got bored of keeping Klaus bricked up in a wall and has him chained up, the ghosts of his past (Cami) haunting him and keeping him company.

As for Hayley, she’s been fighting tooth and nail to reunite her family. She does not care what lengths she has to take or who she has to destroy if it means protecting and righting the wrong that has been done on the Mikaelson’s. In the trailer she’s even seen transforming into a wolf and attacking those who threaten her family and checks up on a sleeping Elijah.

The most interesting things to note are that there is no sign of Hope, Hayley is collecting samples that we assume are werewolf venom, and that things are too calm in New Orleans. There’s a threat coming that not even Marcel will be ready for.

Check out the Season 4 Trailer below:

The Originals Season 4 returns Friday, March 17th on The CW.

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