The Royals 3×09 Recap: “O, Farewell, Honest Soldier”

The penultimate episode of season 3 of The Royals gave us a new King of England. The Privy Council decided in Robert’s favor, however, a lot of things happened leading up to that decision and afterwards. So let’s start at the beginning…

James Hill gets a call that could result in the end of his job, Sara Alice being taken away, and him going to prison. The forensic investigative team found out about a classified file that came from James’ computer. A very important file regarding the security of the Henstridge family and the entire country has been leaked, and, as of right now, all fingers are pointing to James. Apparently this David guy from the investigative team and James go way back, but those connections aren’t going to make this problem disappear.

Robert is doing his best to step back and look at things from a more common perspective I suppose. He spent the night before the Privy Council made its decision wearing a cap, sitting on a bench, staring at Big Ben. Big Ben is important to Robert, because if the Privy Council decided in his favor, Big Ben will ring. If there is a very eerie silence, then Cyrus remains the King of England. Kathryn meets him there, very briefly, the morning of the decision to ask him whether he’s ready. Of course, in his great Robert way, he assures her that he has been ready his whole life.

Before the Privy Council meets Jasper finds Liam in the palace to tell him that Brandon has some news that he should know, but Liam is not in the mood for any more groundbreaking news about his family. Can you blame him? Jasper then runs into Eleanor and Rosie. Eleanor rightfully questions where Jasper has been this time. He apologies, like he always does, but the apology isn’t accepted this time. He tries to get Eleanor to listen to him. Rosie has to step in and then Jasper made me literally cringe. Rosie and Jasper pull their respective guns on each other and Jasper says, “You going to shoot me, honey?” REALLY, JASPER?! Rosie responds, “Call me “honey” again and yes I am.” Yes! I demand that we see more of Rosie in season 4 – if we get a season 4. Anyway, the point is that Eleanor walks away from Jasper unwilling to forgive him.

Helena and Robert want to ensure that the Privy Council knows how awful Cyrus is, so much so that Robert enlists Liam to vilify Cyrus when Liam speaks in favor of Robert in front of the Council. Liam doesn’t think that’s the best plan and suggests that Robert give a invigorating, inspiring speech about how great and majestic England is. Robert calls his little brother’s perspective naive. Well Robert, that perspective is why so many fans still stand behind #KingLiam. Eleanor wishes her brother luck before the meeting of the Council by giving him Simon’s watch. Helena obviously sees this as an opportunity to use the very popular, since the Christmas address, watch to Robert’s advantage. He can reach for it when he speaks and that will mean someone to the Privy Council.

To relax before the Council makes a decision, Helena decides that spending some time with Jack Parker is a great idea. I don’t agree, because I still don’t trust the guy. She admits that she did what she did to get Cyrus on the throne to get control. He thinks that the best way for her to have control now is to go away to his real estate in Wyoming with him the weekend of the decision. She tries to get out of it by saying she will have to plan the coronation, in which Jack responds, “Helena, you’re the Queen. There will always be something.” When Eleanor finds out about the Queen’s potential romantic getaway, Eleanor is all for it. She’s practically pushing her mother out the door with as little clothing as possible in her suitcase. Obviously everyone agrees that Helena could use a vacation.

James confronts Jasper in the garden about the stolen confidential file. Jasper tries to explain his way out of the situation, but James is a little to aggravated to deal with Jasper’s excuses. For someone that has always been like a pseudo-father-figure to Jasper since he came to the show, this scene was heartbreaking to watch. James just doesn’t understand why Jasper couldn’t just trust James. Jasper takes it upon himself to try to make things right by sneaking into Helena’s room and begging her to vouch for James. She isn’t ready to get involved in that mess yet. She thinks that Jasper, I mean “Mr. Whiskers,” is running low on his 9 lives with this family. It’s safe to say that the people in the palace are NOT the happiest with Jasper Frost at the moment.

Jasper does what he can on the road to forgiveness by turning himself in. To his advantage, Robert swoops and saves Jasper and James from rotting in a prison cell. Robert says that he asked for the file because it being released would only favor him; it would show his struggles and endurance. Before persuading the investigative team that James had nothing to do with the stolen classified file and demanding that Jasper be un-cuffed, Robert says the following about Jasper: “He’s not a traitor, gentlemen. He’s a hero.” Too bad for Jasper, Robert’s actions and kind words weren’t enough. James still fires him, getting very loud and angry at Jasper for all of the problems he has caused. Once again, James reminds Jasper that he should’ve trusted him

Right before the meeting of the Privy Council, there is a really short, really great scene between Cyrus and Liam. Liam wanders into his uncle’s room to find Cyrus scared of losing the one thing that has kept him going. It’s interesting to take a step back and look at how Cyrus and Liam have become so similar beyond being in their respective brother’s shadows. This scene felt heavy and influential. Cyrus even delivers some wisdom to Liam by saying, “People are at their best or worst when they have the opportunity to touch greatness.” Yes, Cyrus has mostly been on the side of worst, but in moments like these I hope for the best for him.

We also get a quick scene between Eleanor and Sebastian the day of the Privy Council meeting that leaves Eleanor with a very big decision to make, which she does by the end of the episode. Sebastian says that his family has loads of coastal real estate that he wants to renovate into hotels. He wants Eleanor to style said hotels. Eleanor immediately shoots down the idea, saying she is a princess and princesses have to stay in the palace. Plus, she does do a charity event every so often. Sebastian counters by saying that they can give a certain amount of the money from the bookings to charity. It would be six months on the road, a new city every day. He leaves her to think about it. You know what I’m thinking about? Didn’t Eleanor just meet Sebastian? She may be getting better at trusting people but I’m not.

While Jasper is supposed to be escorting himself off of the primaces, he is wondering around saying goodbyes. Jasper approaches Robert, thanking him for helping him out of the earlier situation, and Robert insists it was because Jasper was the one who figured out that Ted killed Simon. He also adds that now Jasper owes him one. I have a feeling that’ll come back around when we least expect it. When Robert hears of Jasper’s dismissal, Robert says that he will hire him if Big Ben rings at midnight. Robert wants the best of the best and now he won’t have to steal Jasper from Liam. Why not? Robert has stolen pretty much everything else from him. What’s one more thing? Robert promises that if Jasper protects him, then Robert will protect Jasper with Eleanor.

Now we get to the Privy Council meeting… In the episode, the meeting was the main focus with the previous scenes being flashbacks. Charles Wescott, the man that Cyrus has been blackmailing to sway the Council in his favor, is the first to speak, saying that the Privy Council must pick “the one, true King of England.” The acting king had the opportunity to speak first. Cyrus uses his time to plea for the crown by overexaggerating his happiness upon Robert’s return, brings up Simon, and how the situation they are in has never happened before. He does his best to convince the Council to side with history and tradition. He even makes a jab at the most recent U.S. presidential election. Helena and Robert share an irritated eye roll that says it all.

Helena is the second person to speak, on Robert’s behalf of course. She says that Robert deserves the thrown, bringing attention to the fact that he would already have it if it weren’t for what happened to him. She begs the Council to not let Ted Pryce win in his manipulation of this family. He already took Simon from them, don’t let Robert be taken away from them too. She demands that the Council make it right. Next up is Liam. If you thought he would say some powerful #KingLiam words in favor of his brother like he was meant to, you’re wrong. All Liam says is, “I humbly defer to the wisdom of the Council.” That one sentence makes a strong statement regarding his allegiance to his brother. Fortunately Eleanor follows her brother’s shocking statement with a long list of ridiculous things about Cyrus that prove why he shouldn’t be king. She mentions Cyrus’ mohawk, the dismissal and demolition of Simon’s memorial monument, the knighting of the prostitute and more. She vouches for her older brother, gushing about how good he is and how right he is for the thrown.

Last but not least is Robert himself. After trying to guilt the Council with a reach for his deceased father’s watch, Robert basically repeats all of the noble, inspiring things Liam had said before that Robert had simply rejected.

Once everyone has spoken, the wait begins. Robert immediately yells at his brother for not stadning by him in front of the Council. Liam insists that what he did was the right choice. Liam then repeats Cyrus’ earlier words about being the best or the worst when close to greatness to proves that Robert isn’t being the greatest person right now. Robert explains that he’s being the person he has to be to take the crown.

Eleanor goes to her mother’s room with hope that Helena went away with Jack. Helena reveals herself and reveals she couldn’t do it. She says, “Perhaps if I were younger things could’ve been different.” That line broke my heart for so many reasons.

Willow goes to Liam’s room to drop off some social media messages to post the day following the announcement. Liam asks Willow to stay and hang with him, but she turns him down. She thinks that they should just keep things professional from here on out.

As midnight quickly approaches, the Henstridges gather to hear the news together. Robert sits below his father’s portrait and hands Simon’s watch back to Eleanor. Eleanor updates the family when it’s time. Robert also declares that if he doesn’t win, they’ve done what they can. No more fighting.

There’s a brief silence at midnight that led me to believe that maybe Cyrus had pulled it off. But alas, Big Ben chimed in celebration of a new king. Robert rises upon the sound, standing in front of his father’s portrait. That moment gave me chills. Cyrus’ devastation and Kathryn’s emotional tears upon processing the news really moved me. While Angie, Kathryn’s sister, was rejoicing, it was almost like Kathryn was starting to realize that a relationship with Robert won’t be as easy as before. Can she still be with him? Later on in the night, the new king visits Kathryn. He has a really scary mask of his face in his hand and the two end up staying in for a night in bed. When Kathryn wakes up, the only thing left in the bed beside her is that terrifying mask of Robert.

Cyrus goes to confront Charles Wescott. Wescott blunty tells Cyrus that he “didn’t win in the room.” The Privy Council didn’t see him as the king the country needed. Cyrus spews death threats and more, which I don’t think will get him far. Cyrus brings up Wescott and the rest of Council’s privilege and such. (Really, Cyrus? You want to be the one to talk about privilege?) Cyrus also tells Wescott that the Council will not get away with murder like they had under Cyrus’ reign; Robert would never let that happen. Towards the very end of the episode, we see Cyrus looking at his portrait, the crown, and a gun. What’s he going to do?

In a very crucial Eleanor and Jasper scene, Jasper who I believe is now employed by Robert is saying that all of the crazy things he has done were in the name of his love and protection of Eleanor. She’s not buying it. She took Sebastian’s offer. I think Eleanor seeing her mom feeling as if she can’t leave made Eleanor want to make a change about her own life. She says, “I’m going to be someone more than a princess.” She is doing something for herself. She orders Jasper to walk away. He doesn’t, so she does.

The final two minutes lead us to the tunnels with Jasper and Liam. Liam suggests that he may put up a fight with Robert about Jasper being Robert’s security detail now. Liam also demands to know the secret news about Robert that Brandon Boone told Jasper. Jasper warns Liam, “But once you hear it, there’s no going back.” The final second of the episode is Liam understanding that and asking Jasper to tell him the news.

Loyals, what do you think Brandon Boone has on Robert?

Some bits and bobs from this week’s episode of The Royals:

  1. Don’t count how many costume changes happened in this episode. There were a lot! But I like to think that Liam’s white dress shirt stole the show.
  2. There was much talk of Sara Alice, but sadly she did not make an appearance this week. Fingers crossed for next week’s finale. 
  3. We saw a new set in the room where the Privy Council meets. I always love to see new sets on The Royals. They’re always so grand!
  4. I really want to know why this family is STILL so trusting. I worry about them. 
  5. “The War” by Syml played when the bells chimed and the celebration and chaos ensued. It was chilling and emotional. The lyric of “I am a sad boy” playing over a defeated Cyrus and a triumphant Robert was very telling. 

The season 3 finale of The Royals airs next Sunday at 10/9c on E!

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