The Royals Renewed for Season 4

Sometimes, the alarm waking you up isn’t a bad thing. Especially when it leads you to look at your phone and see the E! has done the best thing possible and renewed The Royals for Season 4.

Honestly, I feel like crying. This comes ahead of the Season 3 finale, which airs this Sunday, February 19th. Season 4 will consist of 10 hour long episodes. I don’t know about you, but I will take it. 10 episodes with my favorites… I am great with that.

Mark Schwann delivered the news to the cast.

I love seeing the excitement in their faces. That’s about how excited the fans are to be able to spend another season with the characters that they love.

“The third season of The Royals has proven to be an entertaining mix of secrets, deceit and desire that our fans can’t get enough of,” said E! Entertainment president Adam Stotsky. “We are excited to see what new scandals await our royal family, and how their dynamic evolves in season four.”

Showrunner/creator extrodinairre – who quite frankly I have worshipped since he helmed One Tree Hill chimed in.

“E!, Lionsgate, and Universal Cable productions are wise and benevolent rulers and the Loyals are the true aristocracy,” said Schwahn. “The writers, cast and crew love making this show, and I’m thrilled to once again play the role of court jester and humbly entertain our dedicated fan base with many more scandalous, sexy, heartfelt and addictive tales from the House of Henstridge.”

Lionsgate chimed in with, “We’re proud to extend our partnership with our friends at E! and Universal Cable Productions, and we’re pleased that the dedicated fans – the ‘Loyals’ – are getting another season of their favorite show,” said TV Group chairman Kevin Beggs. “The Royals is the kind of original and provocative series that has become a Lionsgate trademark, and we look forward to an all-new season of saucy palace intrigue and badly behaved sovereigns.”

It’s just a good day for all the Loyals out there.

The Royals airs Sundays on E!.

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