The Blacklist 4×14 Promo Photos: ‘The Architect’

In ”The Architect’,’ Red’s fight with Isabella Stone continues. He has her captive, so we’ll finally get to see whether or not Red will choose restraint instead of violence, and what Isabella Stone’s vendetta against Red is all about.

What I’m most excited about for this episode is that Aram is going undercover! We’ve all been wanting stories for the other characters besides Red and Liz, and it looks like we’re finally getting them! Ressler got a little side story last week, and this week it’s Aram’s turn. I’m just hoping this trend continues, because we’ve been deprived of focusing on the other characters’ on the task force for a really long time. These last couple of episodes have been some of the strongest this season, exactly because they have been shifting some of the focus off of Red and Liz.

From the promo trailer for “The Architect” it looks like Red’s strained relationship with Cooper and the rest of the task force is going to be pushed even farther. Cooper was already upset and extremely conflicted about helping Red fight Isabella Stone last week, and it looks like Red is asking for the help of the task force in continuing the fight against her in the episode tonight as well, which could be a move that damages his relationship with the FBI permanently.

Take a look at the gallery and read the synopsis below to get prepared for “The Architect” tonight!


Aram goes under cover as a hacker to find a criminal who designs and executes crimes for a price; Tom expands his search for details about his childhood; Red tries to find the source of his compromised business operations.

The Blacklist airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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