The Most Read Wattpad Book of 2016 Is Being Published by Sourcebooks


You know when it comes to Wattpad, we’re all about it. We love the writers, the stories, and everything about it. Wattpad wants to empower writers to write.

Who wouldn’t love that?

The most read book of 2016 was Chasing Red.  Though we’ve loved reading the story on Wattpad, but now we’re excited that Sourcebooks will be publishing the book in 2 volumes.

Isabelle Ronin finished serializing the romance story in early 2016 and since then generated over 126 million reads, thousands of reviews, fan fiction art, trailers and even a petition for a major motion picture.

Wattpad community spent over 148 million minutes, the equivalent of 282 years, reading the story. We were one of the people who invested a lot of minutes reading the book and loved it.

“The numbers alone for Chasing Red are extraordinary. This story has touched millions of readers and is attracting new reads every week,” Sourcebooks CEO Dominique Raccah says. “Once you start reading, it’s easy to see why. Readers get sucked into this world and these characters. It’s addictive. We are excited to bring this wonderful author and reader experience to published form this fall.”

“We’re excited to build on past successes with Sourcebooks and are confident Chasing Red will be as successful in bookstores as it’s been on Wattpad,” said Ashleigh Gardner, head of partnerships for Wattpad Studios. “Not only is Chasing Red a massive hit within the Wattpad community, the high levels of engagement around the story have prompted several international publishers, including Hachette Livre, HarperCollins Germany, Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, and Mondadori, to acquire rights to the story.”

We’re thrilled for Isabelle and can’t wait to pick up Chasing Red in bookstores.

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