Supernatural 12×13 Photos & Synopsis: Family Feud

A MacLeod reunion is set to happen in Supernatural‘s ‘Family Feud.’ Rowena is enlisted by the Winchesters to help locate her grandson after someone is murdered by a ghost of the merchant ship Gavin was supposed to die on.

Saying that the MacLeod family is complicated would be an understatement. There is a cycle of abuse, abandonment, and hate that stretches back to the 1600’s. Rowena abused and abandoned Crowley. And Crowley did the same thing to his son.

Now in the 21st century, Crowley is the King of Hell, Rowena is powerful but lonely, and Gavin is in parts unknown after being abandoned by his father in a field to fend for himself.

On the flip side of things, Kelly aka Lucifer’s unknowing lover, is still pregnant with his child and in the wind. Being taken advantage of by Lucifer still leaves us with a sour taste and we hope they keep him far from this child, and let Kelly make her own decisions about her body.

Check out the synopsis:

When Sam and Dean look into a murder at a museum, they learn a ghost from a merchant ship that sunk in 1723 may be at the heart of the mystery. After realizing “The Star” was the same ship that Crowley’s son Gavin MacLeod should have been aboard, they enlist help from Rowena to track Gavin down. Kelly Kline, still pregnant with Lucifer’s child, takes refuge with a demon after an angel attempts to kill her. 

Check out the trailer for Supernatural‘s ‘Family Feud’:

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/9c on The CW.

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