1D Fandom Shows Their Venomous Side Yet Again

Well, it looks like the hiatus hasnt been able to calm down the territorial One Direction fandom despite a year of simmering.

Well known for spitting venom at virtually anyone who glances in the direction (no pun intended) of their fav lads, Directioners have taken on more than one celeb who dare challenge their place in the boys hearts. From Taylor Swift to NaughtyBoy to Kendall Jenner, there is a long list of those who have come under virtual social media fire.

The latest on this list? Bella Thorne. Her crime? Commenting ‘awww’ on the Instagram photo of Louis Tomlinson posing with girl band hopefuls.

*gasp* *shock* *evil music*

This simple comment prompted a fandom frenzy of hateful and frankly exhausting comments which included ‘stay in your damn lane’, ‘get out’ and the almost obligatory when it comes to 1D fans death threat of ‘1D fandom will kill, we’re so strong I warned you’.

Yes, because this shows true 1D pride?

And dont even get me started on the ever present Larry comments.

There were some who seemed to have clear and level heads, commenting ‘she just said aww, get over yourselves’ and ‘when will you grow up’

Now, I have posted on occasion my thoughts about the fanatical and completely uncontrollable side of the One Direction fandom. And for those who know me and my stance, it hasn’t changed. Behavior like this is embarrassing for the collective, even though only committed by the selective. Directioners have the reputation of being ‘bat shit insane’ by damn near every other fandom, and even those who don’t follow fandoms at all. This is not something to be proud of, people. Death threats to a celeb who comments on a photo online? Over the top, unnecessary and childish.

I am well aware that it isnt going to change, as keyboard warriors have no boundaries or fear from the safety of their computer screens and iPhones. But, hey, a girl can dream.


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