City of Saints & Thieves Optioned By Universal

If you haven’t read City of Saints & Thieves by Natalie C. Anderson – you are missing out on a really good book.

In the shadows of Sangui City, there lives a girl who doesn’t exist. After fleeing the Congo as refugees, Tina and her mother arrived in Kenya looking for the chance to build a new life and home. Her mother quickly found work as a maid for a prominent family, headed by Roland Greyhill, one of the city’s most respected business leaders. But Tina soon learns that the Greyhill fortune was made from a life of corruption and crime. So when her mother is found shot to death in Mr. Greyhill’s personal study, she knows exactly who’s behind it.

With revenge always on her mind, Tina spends the next four years surviving on the streets alone, working as a master thief for the Goondas, Sangui City’s local gang. It’s a job for the Goondas that finally brings Tina back to the Greyhill estate, giving her the chance for vengeance she’s been waiting for. But as soon as she steps inside the lavish home, she’s overtaken by the pain of old wounds and the pull of past friendships, setting into motion a dangerous cascade of events that could, at any moment, cost Tina her life. But finally uncovering the incredible truth about who killed her mother—and why—keeps her holding on in this fast-paced nail-biting thriller.

If the synopsis wasn’t enough to convince you, the fact that it has been optioned by Universal should be another motivator. But then if that’s not enough, Scandal‘s Kerry Washington is in talks to co-produce the film through her production company Simpson Street. Yup, we’re sold.

Deadline has reported that Universal is moving fast on the project. Melina Matsoukas, executive producer of the HBO series Insecure is being sought as director.

Would you like to see City of Saints & Thieves as a film?

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