Iggy Azelea Options Bad Girl Gone by Temple Mathews

You know how when you read that someone has optioned a book and you get kind of excited. The possibility of something becoming a movie is always exciting. When you ready that Iggy Azelea has optioned a book, maybe it’s just us – but you back track over what you have read and question if it was a misprint. No offense Iggy.

But it’s true, the pop star and Azalea Street Productions have optioned the movie rights Temple Mathews’ upcoming novel Bad Girl Gone, from Macmillian.

Azalea has a first look deal with Universal Cable Productions and Wilshire Studios.

Bad Girl Gone isn’t due out until August, but the basics about it? A girl has to solve her own murder to escape purgatory. Will there be a love story in there? You know it! She’s struggling with the love that she left behind and the one that she’s developing in purgatory. We have to admit that it’s intriguing and we’re interested in reading the book.

Bad Girl Gone
hits shelves August 8th.

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