Wattpad Launches New App – Tap

Wattpad is already considered the app to have when it comes to online writing. With more than 45 million monthly users, 300 million stories, and spanning more than 50 languages, they really do rule the written world online.

But the creators behind our favorite app are far from idle, always looking for new and creative ways to combine the social media and online world with the written word. And they have done it again, with the launch of their latest app.

Tap. Yes, Tap.

The tag line? Addictive chat stories.

Simple, but effective. (1D pun here)

Available to both iOS and Android users, the app has already been rolled out to Wattpad Ambassadors and users to try out. And so far, the reviews are raving. The app is free for now, but soon you will see subscription option notices rolling out as more users sign up.

You might be asking what is so special about the app. Well, it is a new and unique way to tell chat stories, posting like texts. Think of touches of the Wattpad sensational hit Follow Me Back, with a cross of the cult horror film Unfriended. Directly dialogue based stories, which are just as impacting as the 200,000 word versions we already know and love.

Countless Wattpadians have already been hard at work putting their stories and ideas up on the app, so make sure you check out Wattpad and Twitter to see who is promoting their work on this fun new feature!

Check it out HERE, or on twitter HERE


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