The Blacklist Promo Photos 4×15: ‘The Apothecary’

Tonight is the night! The Blacklist winter finale. From the promo released last week, we know that Red is going to get poisoned and the task force has to save him. We don’t know for sure if this is connected to the mysterious person trying to sabotage his businesses and destroy his reputation, but it seems like a logical assumption to think that this may be the stranger’s final play. Red has made a lot of enemies, but the poison is a big clue that the stranger is someone who he trusts or is close to. Red is extremely careful, and no one would be able to poison him unless he let his guard down around someone in his inner circle.

I have a feeling that Red is going to come pretty close to dying in “The Apothecary”, because even though it isn’t the season finale, any finale in the season is always extremely dramatic, emotional, and intense, and now that Red is in danger, all of those are going to be multiplied times a hundred. I am hopeful that this threat to Red’s life may repair some of the damage in the relationship between him and the task force, because if they save his life, then he owes them and he will  have no choice but to treat them with respect for a while.

I’m always hoping for more Ressler, but it would be awesome if he was the one who really ended up saving Red’s life. Out of everyone on the task force, Red likes to pick on Ressler the most, so it would be great for Ressler to save Red’s life like Red once did for him, and bring the story of the relationship between the two characters full circle. Liz will probably end up being the one to save him as always, but it would be a great if we could see the relationship between Ressler and Red grow and change into something where they both have respect for one another instead of the constant bickering that has defined their interactions for such a long time.

Right after the finale, the Blacklist’s “Redemption” spinoff will air its first episode, so get ready because it’s a two hour Blacklist event!

Read the synopsis below and take a look at the gallery to get prepared for “The Apothecary” tonight!


After being given a dose of deadly poison, Red must find out which of his closes confidants betrayed him; Liz and the task force search for the toxin’s designer in a desperate attempt to save Red.

The Blacklist airs at a special time 9/10c on NBC.

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