Fangirlish’s FEELS of the Week: February 19th-February 25th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Bad-ass Female Character of the Week

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Lizzie: Kensi Blye, NCIS: Los Angeles. She was kidnapped, she was drugged, she’d just recovered from a debilitating injury, and yet Kensi never lost her cool, never gave up, always had a backup plan, executed it to perfection, and then, even when more bad guys showed up to stop her from getting away, she didn’t just accept her fate, she kept fighting. Because that’s who Kensi Blye is, a fighter.

Charles: Guinevere on Legends of Tomorrow. The Legends visited King Arthur’s time this week and through the whole episode Guinevere was awesome. She rallied her troops to fight back against Darhk, Rip and their men. She more than held her own in battle and showed that the Legend of King Arthur is nothing without Queen Guinevere.

Lyra: Cheryl on Riverdale. I’m caught between having sympathy for her family situation and anger over the fact that she spews hate left & right whenever she gets the chance. She’s more than just the villain of the story. She’s a young woman suffering through a loss who is trying to cope with her family anyway she can. Cheryl is fierce and will survive her home, one rebellion at a time!

April: Lucy of Timeless. She found her grandfather as a young man and convinced him to stay in Rittenhouse as a double agent, instead of his future of evildoing, therefore changing the course of his decisions. She also faced Flynn alone after he essentially told her that he might erase her existence to give him a chance to find his family. On top of all that, she told the man she was supposed to marry that she didn’t want to be with him, and has another man starting to pine for her. You go, girl.

Erin: Bonnie of The Vampire Diaries. Now, Bonnie and I may have a love/hate relationship (where you know – mostly I am like how does she always bounce back from the dead), but this week she managed to blow me away. Why? Because she’s been through so much. So much! And she’s always this strong woman, when most people would break. She fought so hard to save her friend this week, and let’s face it – she’s AMAZING. Sorry for all those times I doubted you Bonnie.

Terri: Katherine Pierce, The Vampire Diaries. Even though we didn’t see her on camera, just the fact that she was the one who fully manipulated the situation so that Cade would be killed and she would take over hell was just so badass. She’s been missed on screen, I hope we get a glimpse of her before the series ends in a few weeks.

OTP of the Week

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Lyra: (I have to pick one? Fineee.) Karamel from Supergirl is my OTP of the week for fighting like a married couple, talking like best friends, and flirting like first loves. After a steady, and not overwhelming, build up of tension over the last couple episodes, these two have finally figured out what they want, each other. And sure everything’s not perfect and sure they have work to do on themselves…BUT THEY WANT TO DO IT TOGETHER! Personally, I can’t wait to see how they grow and change at each other’s sides. Those space puppies! *insert heart eyes here*

Lizzie: I’m gonna go with Lyra and say I’m here for the Karamel on Supergirl. The build-up has been good, but not overwhelming, as it makes sense for a person like Kara, who’s more put together than your usual hero, and Mon-El is far from perfect, but he’s proven that he’s willing to try, to listen to Kara, and more importantly, that he truly cares. Plus they’re just adorable puppies and I just want to squish their faces together. Precious cupcakes.

Dana: I have to agree with both Lizzie and Lyra on this one and shout out the wonderfulness that was Karamel, but also Sanvers (Maggie and Alex). This Valentine’s Day episode was just a bucket full of feels. I loved seeing Maggie open up to Alex about her coming out. It made me root for their relationship so much more. It was so great to finally see Kara and Mon-El finally fully admit all of their feelings and just kiss already!

April: Jiya waited 60 years to tell Rufus she loved him on Timeless. That is all.

Erin: Lyatt. When he told her that he didn’t want to lose her again – it was cemented in stone for me. IN STONE. Those two are amazing.

Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS

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Lizzie: Practically every single moment between Lucy and Wyatt on Timeless, from Lucy asking him to trust he and Wyatt putting down the gun, to when he came into the room to save her, his whole thing about how he couldn’t lose her again, to the final conversation about possibilities. These two just give me all the feels, and I cannot accept that this might be the end. I need NBC to Renew Timeless, now.

Danielle: When Simon finally told Clary how he felt about her on Shadowhunters. I knew it was bound to happen soon, because I remember that part from the books. But here on the show, it was just so cute and sweet how Simon was fumbling over himself trying to figure out what to say, and Clary just kisses him!! I’m not a Climon shipper (I’m still waiting for Clace to get it together), but for now, I thought the build up on Simon and Clary’s relationship was adorable.

Nora: I thought I knew the definition of the word “crying” until I watched This Is Us this week. I was very, VERY wrong. I have never cried so hard in my entire life. I cried from minute one to minute 42 of that episode. Randall and William travelling to Memphis and everything that ensued was just brutal and heartbreaking. From William’s song to the ducks I was a blubbering mess. That being said, it was probably one of the finest hours of television I have ever watched. I also think This Is Us needs a partnership with Kleenex cause I go through at least 4 boxes per episode.

Dana: I have to go with Nora on this one. This episode of This Is Us was by far my favorite and the one that induced the most tears. I loved that it was both a development of Randall and William’s relationship and William’s backstory, but it was the most beautiful goodbye. I watched this episode in a lounge at my college and everyone must have thought I was dealing with something because I was just sitting there bawling.

April: Definitely going with Nora and Dana on this one. William’s death, while we knew it was coming, was devastating, and I really appreciated getting to know his story more before he passed. Randall calling him dad for the first time before he breathed his last while calming him in the same way Jack used to calm him was a beautiful moment, but what was even more beautiful (and even more heartbreaking) was William visiting Jack’s grave and thanking him for raising Randall. I don’t know how it’s possible to not cry during an episode of This Is Us, but this episode evoked more than cries – it was flat-out bawling.

Erin: This Is Us. There is nothing that can beat this show on TV. It’s like – you want to cry, we’ll make you cry. And it delivers on a level that I can’t even begin to put into words. This week was beautiful, heartbreaking, and just all around amazing. Seriously, THE BEST.

Terri: I feel like a broken record on this one, but seriously, This Is Us manages to reduce me to tears every single week. While we knew the death of William was imminent, I didn’t quite expect it this week and I lost it at the end. It was closure to a great storyline.

Lexi: Eleanor finding out that Jasper actually got her a present for Christmas on The Royals this week. There was flashbacks of her reminiscing of all the good times they had together, making it almost impossible not to cry, and later on when Jasper confessed his love to her, he was so hopeful, making another feels-inducing moment.

Superhero of the Week

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April: William’s mama on This Is Us. She raised a damn good son on her own after her husband was killed in war, and she supported and encouraged him so much that he followed his dreams. She refused to let him lose out on everything life had to offer just so he could stay with her. God bless you, Mama Hill.

Erin: Liam on The Royals. His brother is a fucking psycho and he’s not willing to back down and just take the shit that is being tossed at him. Nope, he’s like I will take you on and prove that you are sick. I mean The Royals this week was some really disturbing television and some really strong TV. I am obsessed. Liam handled this like a champ and we have a feeling he’s going to show people just how much he was meant to be King next season.

Lizzie: The women of Timeless, in general. The show does such a good job of portraying strong, independent, and different women who all kick ass in different ways that, this week – for the season (notice how I say season, NBC. SEASON) finale, I can’t pick between Lucy, Jiya and Denise. I love them all.

Quote of the Week

thealtsource the walking dead twd daryl dixon carol peletier

Lyra: “Why’d you go?” – Daryl to Carol on The Walking Dead

Charles : “Sorry, I was busy taking out the trash.” – Thea referring to Susan Williams on Arrow

Nora: “The two best things in my life were the person at the very beginning and the person at the very end.” -William, This Is Us

Danielle: “All your sons are dead. You can’t use me to replace them.” Connor hit below the belt on Thursday’s How to Get Away with Murder to Annalise.

Also another good quote down below:

“Where are you going?”- Bonnie

“To buy a gun so I can use it on Connor.” – Laurel. Too funny!! From How to Get Away with Murder

Dana: “You get a cousin, and you get a cousin, and you get a cousin, everybody gets a cousin. Sorry I was raised by white people. I don’t know no better.” -Randall Pearson, This Is Us

Ivette: “It looks good on you. The blue really brings out the panic in your eyes.” -Leon, Quantico

“Oh Lord, I hope this is the end and not the sequel.” -Harry, Quantico

April: “You give us those names, or I’ll put you up in front of a Senate sub-committee.” “No, you won’t. Because you’re a coward. You’re arrogant, and loud-mouthed, and terrified people will find out you’re a fraud. Just like every bully.” – Senator Joseph McCarthy and Wyatt, Timeless

Erin:  Well, Nora and I feel the same about this – this week. So I will go with:

“Fuck you.” Liam to Robert, The Royals

Terri: “I don’t do reunions – high school, undergrad or med school. I don’t need to make superficial conversations with a bunch of people I barely remember. If I want to keep someone in my life, I keep them in my life. Or, maybe it’s just I don’t know how to get rid of them.” – Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy

Lexi: “Guys, what about this? It says, ‘Stop being a weenie and call the mystery number’!” – Asher, How to Get Away with Murder

WTF Moment of the Week

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Lizzie: I’m going to keep a special place in this category for everything that happens on Arrow from now on. This week I’m taking issue with Oliver making Thea out to be the bad guy when, if the same moral standards the show applies to him are applied to Thea, she actually did a great thing. He kills people for a living, after all. All she did was try to protect him.

Lyra: Jiya being possibly stuck between two times on Timeless. I’ve loved everything they’ve done with this character from the start. She’s her own woman, is in a romantic relationship with Rufus, and hasn’t faded into the background because she’s not a “main” character. I’m including her in the WTF Moment of the Week because I’m worried for her! Her mind is going to continue jumping from the present to the past until it kills her or the team finds a solution. Seeing as the team isn’t on good standing with their employers and Timeless hasn’t been renewed yet, I’m gonna sit in a metaphorical ball and worry until she’s ok!

Nora: The revelation that Wes wasn’t Wallace Mahoney’s son, but rather he was Charles’ son! Like my mind was blown. I don’t know why I haven’t learned yet that I should never trust How to Get Away with Murder with information, but here we are. I was completely blindsided by the fact that Wes was Charles son. Also, the reveal of who Wes’ killer is! Laurel’s Dad turned out to be behind Wes’ murder and I just never thought of that possibility! My mind is blown!! Laurel is going to be SO badass next season and I’m ready for it! Just the 2 hour finale of How to Get Away with Murder was a giant WTF moment.

Dana: KATHERINE IS NOW THE HEAD BITCH IN CHARGE OF … HELL. I was so unbelievably shocked and excited when this happened on The Vampire Diaries. I’ve been waiting this whole hell plot line for Katherine to be brought up since she was dragged to hell when she died. I am so happy that this show is giving a great send off with the first villain being its last.

Charles: Lucy’s mom revealed to be a part of Rittenhouse on Timeless. I should have seen it coming from the former Moira Queen but I didn’t. I was in shock much like Lucy was and now her quest to get her sister back has gotten a whole lot tougher. What a way to end the first season of the show!

April: Riverdale’s Grandmother Blossom, in general. Creepy old lady…

Also, I agree with Charles. I didn’t see that coming, AT ALL.

Erin: The hard part of this category is that by the time I get here, mine are almost always chosen. So I am going to go with the whole episode of The Royals. My mouth was on the damn floor and honestly – an episode of television has never made me that pissed off – ever. And that’s a lot, cause Shadowhunters is normally the show that makes me ask WTF and then pisses me off.

Agree? Disagree? Have another moment you think we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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