The Vampire Diaries: See Carolines Wedding Dress

Weddings. They are beautiful and if we were in love we wouldn’t be so cynical by saying that they are a waste of money and it’s easier to just get married at the Justice of the Peace.

But as cynical as we are in real life, one wedding that we’re looking forward to is Stefan and Caroline’s on The Vampire Diaries. They are a ship that we have been rooting for – ever since this scene –

Makes us cry every single time we see it. They have come so far since that.

Though the wedding is being orchestrated to draw Katherine out, but we’re hoping that the show follows through with the wedding. Because we need that ending. We know – at least we suspect that Katherine will come along and screw shit up – that’s a given. But after that – after that can we have our happy ending?

The series finale of The Vampire Diaries airs March 10th.

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