The Blacklist: Redemption 1×02 Promo Photos: ‘Kevin Jensen’

After Tom’s introduction to Scottie’s group last week, in “Kevin Jensen” tonight, the Halcyon team is set to tackle a new mission to rescue a close family friend of Scottie’s, who is a journalist accused of espionage in a dangerous foreign country. From the promo photos, it looks like the team is banding together to find the journalist, Kevin Jensen, before it’s too late.

Because Kevin Jensen is a close family friend, and looks to be about Tom’s age, there is a good possibility that he and Tom may have been friends during their childhood. If this is the case, we could be in for an interesting reunion. No one, not even Scottie, knows that Tom is Christopher yet, but if Kevin recognizes him, even as a familiar face, Tom could be tempted to reveal himself and get the answers he needs from Scottie once and for all, even though his father told him that he would never get the answers he wants if he tells Scottie that he is their long lost son. Because both Scottie and Tom’s dad are really shady people, I wouldn’t take any advice from either of them at face value, so we’ll see what Tom decides to do, whether he goes with his heart and reveals himself immediately or decides to play a longer game, and keep his identity hidden for a while. Who knows, Kevin might not even recognize him or really even know him, and then there is no decision to be made yet.

Take a look at the gallery and read the Synopsis of “Kevin Jensen” below to get prepared for the episode tonight!


When an American journalist and close family friend of Scottie is falsely arrested for espionage in a dangerous foreign country, the Halcyon team mounts a last-ditch effort to rescue him before time runs out.

The Blacklist:Redemption airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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