Turning the Pages: ‘The Last Resort’ by R.S. Kovach

2017 is only in its third month, and has already set to become one of the most successful book launch months for Wattpad authors. From Strawberry Wine by Darly Jamison coming in January, following by Gilded Cage by Vic James in February, and a pleather of anticipated releases for the rest of the year, those who have been eagerly anticipating getting their grabby hands on some of their fav Wattpaders books will finally get the chance.

March brings us The Last Resort by RS Kovach, and we are so happy to have this book finally becoming available Mach 20, 2017. Kovach has already found success in publication with the Once Upon Now collection, but this time it is all her. Winning the XOXO Connects contest gave Kovach the platform to launch this novel, which will be released by Pocket Books.

The novel is a story of the struggles of modern life; balancing a demanding career and a passionate hobby. The heroine, Ali, is driven and strong, but after an accident shatters not only her wrist, but her confidence to perform at her job, her boss gives her a month long hiatus. If she wants to save her career, she has no choice but attend a high end retreat to mend her dented mental health.

But for a busy Manhattan girl, how is she going to manage the laid back attitude of required recovery just outside of Denver? Enter the antagonist, a chiseled, intriguing man that might be enough to make her stay.

They lean on each other, but as both have their own demons to battle, Ali will have to decide what she wants more; her life back in New York or the man who is helping her heal?


The story is an easy, captivating read that any romance lover will enjoy. The struggles of both Ali and her leading man face are relatable, giving you a connection to the characters that keeps you attached to their recovery as if it were your own.

Both characters face the same troubles we all have; an incident which breaks our confidence, and we struggle to regain it while drowning in the demands of daily life. Anyone can relate to reaching a breaking point, and needing someone to help us put our pieces back together. The dialogue and characters were realistic, relatable and easy to connect with.


Despite the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed the story, I found it to be rather predictable. Broken woman meets broken man and love happens. It was an excellent story and kept my attention, but I felt it needed a little something more.




If you love comfortable romance, this is the story for you. Two very real characters brought together by individual struggles, show the ability of the human spirit to heal and the necessity of a strong partner. Excellent read.


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