Louis Tomlinson Arrested After Altercation with Paparazzi

It seems that the line between celeb and paps has been cracked yet again. There has been multiple incidents in recent years of paps provoking celebrities while trying to get ‘the perfect shot’, ultimately resulting in scuffles and sometimes assault charges. It is not new to hear of arrests being made between these two groups, so really, I wasn’t too surprised to hear of yet another this morning.

What did pull me up short was who the celebrity was….our very own 1D crooner, Louis Tomlinson.

Arriving last night (March 4) to LAX with on-again girlfriend Eleanor Calder, paparazzi were quite to surround the couple as they made their way through the airport following a vacation in Las Vegas. While the two waited for their baggage, it is rumored that Tomlinson requested for a pap to stop filming him. Something then sparked the two to engage in a ‘scuffle’, leaving the pap making a citizens arrest, and Louis appearing ‘rather upset’.

A police record shows that Louis was taken to an LA police station, and ordered to pay $20,000 bail, which later he did not have to pay for his release. Additional court dates have been set.

Calder was also apparently instigated by a group of onlookers, three women, while attempting to calm the fight between Louis and the pap. Onlookers were recording the incident on their phones, prompting Eleanor to request them to stop, only provoking an attack on herself. Her incident ended when airport security arrived.

Tomlinsons lawyer is quick to state that the paparazzo was the instigator of the incident, and sole blame for what occurred. The paparazzi lack of respect and limits with regard to celebrities is well documented, despite their dangerous and sometimes cruel treatment.


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