The Blacklist: Redemption 1×03 Photos: ‘Independence U.S.A.’

After last week’s emotionally personal episode tonight in “Independence U.S.A” we’re in for our first “case of the week” style episode where the team has to infiltrate a Russian base that is imitating an American town in order to train their agents for future attacks on America. I for one am really looking forward to a break from exploring the lore of the Blacklist. It’s nice to be able to immerse yourself in an entertaining case without having to think about the overall implications for the characters, and what it means in the context of the mythology of the show. I’m ready to sit back, enjoy a thrilling episode (I hope) and not be emotionally drained for once.

Because Redemption is only a couple of episodes into its run, they have a lot of opportunities for exciting case episodes, and I hope they take advantage of it. It’s really easy to get bogged down in all of the intricate details of an ongoing over arching plot, and they should put that stage off as long as possible. Of course we want answers about Tom’s past, and we want them to make connections to the Blacklist, fingers crossed for a Ressler cameo, but we also want them to do something different from their parent show.

The Blacklist is in its fourth season, and they really have no choice but to deal with the overarching plot and put characters through dramatic and emotional story arcs, which we love seeing, but we also need a break from that. Redemption can take advantage of this and give us events and action that take place in the world of the Blacklist without all of the emotional baggage (except for Tom and Scottie of course). I’m looking forward to some fun good old fashioned spy action tonight!

Take a look at the promo photos for the episode, and read the synopsis for “Independence U.S.A.” to see for yourself what we’re in for.


A plane crash in the Ural Mountains sends Tom and Nez to Russia on a covert operation to infiltrate a mysterious, top-secret military facility; Scottie enlists Mr.Solomon to find answers about her husband.

The Blacklist: Redemption airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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