Fangirlish’s FEELS of the Week: March 4th-March 11th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Bad-ass Female Character of the Week

Nora: We’re going to see a pattern in my answers this week, but Bonnie Bennett slayed in the series finale of The Vampire Diaries this week. As Katherine Pierce stops by Mystic Falls to wreak havoc one last time, it’s up to Bonnie to summon all the magic she has left to stop Mystic Falls from being consumed by Hellfire. It’s an incredibly powerful moment as she calls upon all the Bennett witches to help her with this. Bonnie has always been a badass on The Vampire Diaries and it’s very fitting that in the final episode she continues to save the day one badass moment at a time.

April: My girl Betty Cooper continues to slay this title. She got her sister to safety and the whole of Riverdale looking for her, all while dealing with the crazy Blossoms and her own terrible parents, on top of being a normal teenager and having the whole town kill for her attention. And after all of that, she still managed to be there for someone she cares deeply about.

Lyra: I’m with Nora here. Bonnie Bennett killed it in the series finale. She found the strength, within herself, to connect with her power like never before. She saved her family, her town, and didn’t die! I know a lot of people wanted her to be with Enzo but it wasn’t Bonnie’s time. Finally she had a chance to leave this town and explore the world and go where she chooses without worrying about what big bad is going to steal away her chance again. I’d like to imagine that Bonnie lived a full and rich life, found love again, and when she passed from this world, reunited with Enzo once more.

OTP of the Week

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Lizzie: Look, Captain Swan had all of five seconds together in their real personas on this episode of Once Upon A Time, but I’ve missed them so much that they get this nod. Besides, in those few seconds they had together we got Emma holding on to her true love like she’d never let him go (even if she threatened to cut the rum from both of their diets), and Hook telling her how amazing she is. Plus, there’s a ring. We saw a ring. The ring is coming. I’ll probably be here to squee with you next week. I can’t wait.

But, also, because these two have stolen my heart, I have to mention Karamel on Supergirl. They didn’t get a lot of screentime this week, either, but they made the most of what they did get. Mon-El was not just there when Kara needed him, he also provided the push she needed when she wavered and then the support she wanted when her decision blew up in her face. He believes in her, not just as Supergirl, but as Kara, and he’s doing his best to be the partner she deserves. A little angst might be coming their way, but I truly believe they’ll get through it. These two are meant to be.

Lyra: Richonne from The Walking Dead. Sunday’s episode was a sex-cation full of laughs, action, and feels meant to lure us into a false sense of security. There were intimate moments driving around together, quiet moments where they enjoyed each other’s company by candlelight, and tense moments where they trusted in each other’s ability to keep the other safe. Then there came the moment where Michonne thought Rick had been torn apart by walkers. Right then, for the briefest time, her world fell apart and she was alone once more. She couldn’t contemplate living without him. The talk Rick had with her afterwards was essential, heartfelt, and the wake up call we needed after so much sex-cation. One of them will die. That’s a fact. When that happens they can’t just lay down and die. They have to get up and fight, for themselves, for their family, for their future…even if it’s with someone else.

Nora: For one final time, Damon and Elena steal my shipper heart this week in the series finale of The Vampire Diaries. Their emotional reunion sealed the deal and I remembered why I fell in love with them all those years ago. One of my first OTP’s and I was so happy to see them have their final moments together in the series finale. Also on The Vampire Diaries OTP train, I literally have shipped Caroline with every single person they’ve put her with (probably because Candice has chemistry with everyone), so the moments between Caroline and Stefan and even the hint at Caroline and Klaus had my shipper heart swooning. Delena, Steroline and Klaroline held my heart in the OTP category this week for one last time.

April: I’m torn between Betty and Jughead of Riverdale and Kevin and Sophie of This Is Us, because they are both so perfect. Betty and Jughead supported each other, held hands, and finished each others’ sentences. Meanwhile, Sophie brought Kevin a crutch to use after he broke his leg killing it his opening night, and he told her he would wait for her (he didn’t have to wait long.) Both couples left me so deceased this week, and I’m trying not to be worried about what Kevin’s opportunity in LA means for his newly reinvigorated relationship with the love of his life.

Terri: As much as I hated him for most of the current season, I do have to say that it was satisfying to see Damon and Elena end up together on The Vampire Diaries. Although I felt that we were gypped a little by the fact that we barely got to hear two words exchanged between them, it was heavily implied they get married and have a happily ever after. Also, a small shout out to that very open-ended future scene featuring Caroline receiving a letter from Klaus. I’d love to see that lead somewhere, if the Originals gets a fifth season.

Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS

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Lizzie: The tribute to Miguel Ferrer on last few minutes of NCIS:LA absolutely broke me. I know he’s gone, but, in a way, I’m glad Granger isn’t, I’m glad he gets to go out and live the fictional life he deserves.

Lyra: The intimate moment Karamel shared at the end of Supergirl. He brought her food in hopes of making her feel better after losing her job, she opened up to him about her fears, and he showed her how much he believed in her. They are getting better at the give and takes of being in a relationship and this moment proved it.

Nora: The entire The Vampire Diaries finale hit me right in the feels this week. I’ve been watching this show since season one and after eight years, it was really emotional to say goodbye. Just every character’s final moments and the surprise appearances from past cast members had me on the floor sobbing. The entire second half of the episode, I couldn’t stop crying. It was cathartic as the series wrapped up so many character storylines. This was hands down the most emotional thing for me this week. Goodbye TVD! #TVDForever.

Danielle: On the Shadowhunters winter finale, when Jace (disguised as Clary) had Simon drink his angel blood, and he magically turned back into himself, I screamed so loud! It reminded me of how much closer we’d get to discovering Simon’s Daylighter powers that had come straight from the books, and that had made me so happy! For so long, ever since season 1, the show hasn’t been following the books as much. But in that moment when Jace made Simon drink his Angel blood, I felt relieved that the show would slide some book-related content in there to please the book fans. I felt some hope come back into one of my favorite fandoms!

Also, I’d like to add that this week’s Nashville made my heart both happy and sad. After arguing back and forth figuring out how to finish and release Rayna’s last album, all of the main cast — Juliette, Maddie, Daphne, Bucky, Scarlett, Will, Gunnar — came together to sing the two last songs as a family, with Rayna singing her pre-recorded parts on a screen. And then finally, Deacon sings the last song with his love, and it just makes me so, so happy and proud and sad and lonely for Deacon. But the whole moment was really beautiful.

April: Name any beautiful moment from this week’s This Is Us, and it probably made me collapse into a pile of feels. But, the two scenes that specifically broke me were when the mailman told Randall about his bond with William, and when Randall told his sister about Jack and William meeting in his dream. William, who really didn’t have anyone except his mother in life, and messed up really badly in his younger days, was loved by all, and it was wonderful to have so many people speak fondly of him.

Terri: I fully agree with Nora on this one, all of The Vampire Diaries this week made me  emotional. I’ve been watching regularly since season three (after a binge watch on Netflix) and even though it was time, it was sad to see it go. It was great to see so many familiar faces show up for the finale. Most importantly, it was great that Nina Dobrev came back to give Elena/Katherine closure, it wouldn’t have been the same without her.

Superhero of the Week

Lizzie: Eric Beale, on NCIS:LA. Yeah, this is shocking for me too. But Eric gets the nod not because he was a badass, but because he admitted that he isn’t – not all the time, because he was having a hard time and he got professional help, and then, he talked to Nell about how sometimes the lives they lead are hard and it’s okay to not be okay. That’s the kind of open, intelligent commentary we need from the characters we look up to. Mental Health is important.  

Nora: Stefan Salvatore is my superhero of the week. In The Vampire Diaries series finale he sacrificed himself to save Damon, the entirety of Mystic Falls and for his redemption. He made the ultimate hero sacrifice so his brother could live a long and happy life with Elena. His character has come so far in the eight seasons of this show and his final sacrifice is something that will not be forgotten. Stefan Salvatore became human and still managed to save the day.

April: Sometimes a superhero is just an ordinary person fighting for value and worth, and that is Randall Pearson in This Is Us. He had the courage and resolve to quit a job where he was obviously seen as just another cog in the machine, despite having no idea what he would do next.

Quote of the Week

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Lizzie:Having a right and doing what is right, they’re two completely different things.” – Peter Stone, Chicago Justice.

Lyra: “Maybe being Supergirl and having you, is enough.” – Kara, Supergirl

“The only thing I care about is Making Hell Great Again.” – Minion, Supernatural

“What makes a place feel like home? Is it warmth and familiarity? Some idealized version of the American dream? Is it love and acceptance? Or is it simple safety?” – Jughead, Riverdale

Nora: “I haven’t been sleeping. Thinking about what we lost, thinking about my friends. Glenn saved me, right at the start. But I couldn’t save him.” – Rick, The Walking Dead

Danielle: “We all write about heartbreak for a living but now that it’s staring at us in the face, it’s like we’re scared of it. This man [Deacon] just lost the love of his life [Rayna]. How’s he supposed to act? We need to be there for him, not ask things of him.” – Avery on Nashville

April: “10 years, Tyler. I’ve worked here for 10 years. I brought in 80% of our clients. I grew this company from a six-man operation into a 60-person machine. I’ve given you 20-hour days, man. And nights away from my wife, and children. My father died, man. And on the day of his memorial, you sent me pears! Which…I’m allergic to. And you know this. Because at the lunch where you hired me, we ate Roquefort salad, and I went into anaphylactic shock. And along with the pears that could’ve killed me, you sent a card. With a one line Hallmark message and a typed-out signature, from…the team. And for all this, I thank you. You see, for days, I’ve been plagued by this question: how do I honor my father’s legacy? And I realized I honor it by taking what I’ve learned from how he lived his life and having it shape the way I go on living mine. And so, here it is, Tyler. Um, I quit. No hard feelings, man. I walk outta here in triumph. I came, I saw, I conquered. Sanjay? It’s all you now, brother. Peace.” – Randall Pearson, This Is Us

WTF Moment of the Week

Nora: Damn it Barry! You don’t propose to Iris just because you want to change the future. In The Flash this week, Wally vibes to the future to witness Iris’ death and notices she doesn’t have a ring on her finger. Wally makes Barry tell Iris the truth, that he only proposed to her now because he knew she didn’t have a ring on her finger in the future. Dude, feel the room. Also Wally taking Savitar’s place in the speedforce!! Damn it Barry! This goes back to you creating flashpoint in the first place. Just save Wally and I’ll forgive you again.


Danielle: Underground season 2 just premiered last night, and I’m still not over John’s horrific death!! To go from signing in a new law to defend innocent slaves like Noah and Rosalee, and holding hands with his lovely wife Elizabeth, only for John to get shot in the head outside of the courtroom, killed me!! He was the most woke white dude in the entire series, and he was just starting to understand the struggle of what black folks go through just to get justice. Hopefully Elizabeth will honor his memory by continuing the fight for minorities and slavework. #RIPJohnHawkes

April: Sheriff Keller arresting Juggie. How much more stereotypical could it get for the local sheriff to arrest the local recluse for the popular boy’s murder?

Lizzie: Since I don’t have Arrow to rant about this week, I’m going to agree with Nora and go with The Flash and Barry’s incredibly stupid and selfish decision to propose to Iris just because he thought that would be changing the future. You don’t do that, Barry. You don’t. How do you expect Iris to ever trust you again? Or anyone else, for that matter? You’ve fucked up before, Barry, but this, this feels like the big one. The show loves to paint Barry as morally superior to Oliver Queen, but guess what? He’s just as stupid as Oliver, and he gets no sympathy from me.

Best Episode of the Week

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April: This Is Us, hands-down. As it’s been since the first day it premiered.

Lizzie: Supergirl wins the title this week, because without the all the publicity, without talking about it ad nauseum, they managed to make an episode that was relevant to the current political climate. And they didn’t need to get all hypocritical to do it. A lot of shows *cough* Arrow *cough* could learn a lesson or two from how well Supergirl handled the tragedy of separating families and the fear of anyone who looks different.

Nora: Designated Survivor wins episode of the week for me. In its mid-season return, the episode was just all around perfect. It picks right up where the mid-season finale left off with someone getting shot at the Vice President’s swearing in ceremony. Not only does this episode have a lot of action, it also holds some very emotional and poignant moments, especially for Tom, Alex and Emily. It was a great episode to get us excited for the rest of season one.

Lyra: The Vampire Diaries series finale. Besides the fact that I wanted to see Caroline and Stefan live happily ever after or grow old together, I loved this season finale and understood why they ended it how they did. Everyone that lived, thrived despite the losses and pain. Some finally set things right in their lives while others were just beginning on adventures of their own. In a way, The Vampire Diaries made me feel like their adventures were still going on though we could not see them. No other show has really left me with that feeling before. The transition scene showing Elena and Damon’s deaths was beautiful. Life came full circle for these people. And don’t even get me started on Damon being at Stefan’s door, two brothers reuniting after so much time. Oh man. Here go the waterworks again!

Agree? Disagree? Have another moment you think we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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