Jennifer Aniston to Star in Dumplin

Good news, Jennifer Aniston fans. There’s another movie on her docket – Dumplin.

Aniston is set to start in the Anne Fletcher directed independent teen comedy, based on the 2015 book by Julie Murphy.

The story centers on an overweight teen girl, called Willowdean, but nicknamed Dumplin’ who, despite the nickname, has always felt very confident with herself and with her body. She’s never cared that her mother was a former beauty queen – set to be played by Aniston. But when she takes a job at the local fast-food joint and meets a former jock who she likes, and who seems to like her back, she begins to doubt herself and decides to take back her confidence by doing the one thing she’s sure her mother would approve of – entering a beauty pageant. Except, beauty pageants are certainly not as straightforward as she ever thought.

Murphy has also written the novel “Side Effects May Vary” and has another book called “Ramona Drowning” coming out later this year.

The film was originally at Disney, though it’s now being produced through Michael Costigan’s (Ghost In the Shell) COTA Films. Dumplin will be produced by Costigan and  Kristin Hahn, who wrote the script.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Dumplin? Share with us in the comments below!

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