Fangirlish’s FEELS of the Week: March 12th-March 18th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Bad-ass Female Character of the Week

Bada** or nah?

Lyra: Carol Peletier from The Walking Dead. She took a stroll through the apocalypse like she was on her way to the store to buy socks. There was not a drop of fear in her, only determination and a slight trace of “oh my god. If you don’t leave me alone I’m going to stab you in the face from a tree” to get to the Kingdom.

Nora: I have to agree with Lyra. Carol is the very definition of a badass and this week she began to take the steps towards joining the fight against Negan. After finding out about Glenn and Abraham, she strolls into the Kingdom and is ready to work towards taking down Negan. I’ve missed having a lot of Carol in this season of The Walking Dead and I’m glad we’ll hopefully be seeing more of her.

April: Attempting to prove that women can have a family and a career, Rebecca Pearson of This Is Us didn’t let her age or her motherhood stop her from accomplishing her dreams. Unfortunately, this being This Is Us, she was crushed when her dreams didn’t come true (unlike her portrayer’s other alter-ego, Rapunzel,) but major props to her for trying.

Terri: Hayley from The Originals is my pick for this week. She single handedly took out about a dozen of what I assume to be vampires in the premiere. She is the reason that the Mikaelson’s are back from their extended sleep, and she’s been raising her daughter alone for 5 years. She’s started the season off as a total badass, I hope it continues throughout.

Erin: Hannah from Designated Survivor. She is like kicking ass and taking names. She’s set up to take the fall for some major shit going on in the world and she knows how to play the game. She’s quiet when she needs to be, loud when she needs to be, and isn’t afraid to get down and dirty. I love her. She’s the only person that I have some faith in being innocent. Cause you can not trust anyone on that show.

Dana: I have to agree with Terri on this one! Hayley from The Originals showed yet again that she will do anything to protect the ones she loves. She could have lived a happy and safe life without the Mikaelson’s but Hope wanted her family back and like the amazing mother she is Hayley did just that.

Lizzie: I’m with Erin – Hannah on Designated Survivor is badass with a capital B. And as long as she’s on the case, I sorta have faith that she can figure out what the hell is going on.

OTP of the Week

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Nora: Japril stole my heart this week in an episode deemed “Japril: The Sequel.” Jackson and April were a couple I never thought would be a couple when Grey’s Anatomy introduced those characters in season 6. Now, I can’t get enough of them and need them back together ASAP. Jackson and April going to Montana to help a patient, but also Jackson sees his biological father. It was a perfect combination of emotional moments that brought this couple back together, even if it might be for one night. I miss Japril and I need them to get back together. C’mon Shonda!

April: She stopped him from making the dumbest mistake of his life just by his becoming absorbed in her voice. And, rather than a fairytale relationship of unicorns and rainbows where no one ever fights after happily-ever after, Jack and Rebecca of This Is Us broke hearts this week by having a major fight, but even in the midst of what could be their biggest argument yet, Jack continued to prove why he is the best father and husband and told Rebecca why he still loved her.

Erin: I am all about Halijah. Guys, when Elijah started taking out vampires on The Originals, to help Hayley – and then he went and put his jacket on her – I almost collapsed. I was forming tears and I was okay with it. I missed them so much and I didn’t know how much. I love them. They are perfect.

Dana: I just live for Elijah and Hayley from The Originals. Hayley is a badass for waking all of the Mikaelsons up, but the moment when the he put his jacket on her and she said that she still had feelings for him after five years of him being asleep.

Lizzie: I hate to sound like a broken record (no, I don’t), but Captain Swan is my OTP, if only for that little moment where Hook kissed Emma and she literally forgot why she was there. But also because …at the end, Emma went to Hook and asked him to join her for a quiet night in – because that’s her life now, that’s her happy place. The two of them, together, at their home. Who would have thought we’d get here?  

Bonus points go to Densi, on NCIS: LA for being just so damn functional and mature and just …open. They are legit goals and every other showrunner on TV should be looking at how this show it’s treating it’s OTP. Learn a thing or two.

Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS

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Nora: The entire season one finale of This Is Us was just the definition of a “puddle of feels.” The whole episode just really summed up an entire season of emotions and there was no better way to wrap the inaugural season. Seeing Jack and Rebecca meeting coupled with their fighting after Jack drives to Rebecca’s show drunk just brought up so many emotions. Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore gave this episode their all and it really showed in every scene. That final moment with Jack and Rebecca where Jack packs up to go to Miguel’s and he tells Rebecca all things he still loves about her was just beautiful. I’m going to need to invest in Kleenex for next season of This Is Us.

April: Jack’s speech to Rebecca on This Is Us.

Erin: Jack’s speech to Rebecca. I want to hate him sometimes, cause I think we don’t really get to know him – that he puts up this wall and is just like, I love everything. But Rebecca was right. Why does he love everything? What does he love? I feel like there is this idea that love is always the same and we forget that it is ever changing. While this was not my favorite episode of This Is Us, it was one that made me reevaluate love. And I appreciate that.
Dana: Jack and Rebecca from the end of the season finale of This Is Us and just every other episode of the show. Enough said. How are we all going to wait a year for more?

Superhero of the Week

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Nora: All the doctors at Chicago Med this week are my superheroes. After going through a traumatic experience and losing one of their own, all the doctors have to rally together and continue to do their job. Although all of them were amazing, Natalie might be the leader of the Chicago Med superhero pack for me this week. She is treating this child and she must remain strong until the child is safe and then she takes a well-deserved moment to mourn.

April: Jack Pearson. That is all.

Erin: Hayley on The Originals. I wanted to crawl through the TV and give her a high five. She’s amazing. She doesn’t give up and she always keeps going and she’s fearless. She’s driven by love – for her daughter, for her family, for Elijah. She’s strong and I love her.

Dana: Margo from The Magicians for being willing to do anything to save her best friend, fight a war, and rule a kingdom.

Lizzie: What Nora said. Chicago Med gave me so many feels this week, and I can’t even pick one character to focus on, though if pressed, I’d go with Dr. Charles, because wow, was that an emotional roller-coaster and he got them all through.

Bromance of the Week

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Nora: It’s more of a father/son relationship, but Morgan and Benjamin on The Walking Dead this week is my favorite bromance. Although Benjamin doesn’t make it out of this episode alive, Morgan and Benjamin will forever have a bromance relationship. It also hit me right in the feels this week, especially with Morgan.

April: Jack and Dale, This Is Us. The two buds spent their life savings trying to get more money to open up their dream auto shop. I wonder what happened to Dale?

Lizzie: Charming and Hook, or Captain Charming, in Once Upon A Time were bromance goals this week. When Charming needed help, he turned to Hook and Hook wasn’t just there to indulge him in his revenge plots, he was there to help Charming find peace, and also, to point out when he was going too far. Our Prince Charming lost his way this week, and the villain-turned-hero, Hook, helped him find it back. And though that twist at the end means there’s more coming between this two men, for now, we can reveal in the happiness in both men’s faces when Charming took Hook that, yes, he had his blessing to ask Emma to marry him.

Quote of the Week

Lyra: “Ok, I think I just pissed myself.” – Nabila, The Walking Dead

Nora: “You’re not just my great love story, Rebecca. You were my big break.” – Jack Pearson, This Is Us

April: “You asked me a question before: what is it that I love about you now? So I’m gonna start with the obvious. I love the mother that you are. I love that you are still the most beautiful woman in any room – and that you laugh with your entire face. I love that you dance funny and not sexy which…makes it even sexier. But most of all, I love you are still the same woman who all those years ago, ran out on a blind date because she simply had to sing.” – Jack Pearson, This Is Us

“We’re their parents, Bec. We do the best we can, but at the end of the day, what happens to them, how they turn out, that’s bigger than us. Sometimes, they’ll make good decisions – sometimes, bad decisions. Every once in awhile, they’re gonna do something that’s gonna knock us off our feet.” – Jack

Lizzie: Will: You’ve been doing it, what — 25, 30 [Daniel smirks] …several years? What, what’s the secret?

Daniel: Well, I’m still looking for that, but if I had to guess, I’d say it had something to do with, you know, just keep showing up, keep doing your job put one foot in front of the other. ‘Cause when you start to get all tangled up in hear [taps his head], you know, that’s when, I mean, it can just paralyze you. – Will Halstead and Daniel Charles, Chicago Med.

Erin: “Meet your maker” – Klaus Mikaleson

WTF Moment of the Week

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April: Ben trying to kiss Rebecca on This Is Us. Can you say biggest asshole of the week?

Terri: Nick choosing Vanessa on The Bachelor. If there was ever a couple doomed from the start, it’s these guys. They spent half their time this season crying together, they still don’t really know what country they’re going to live in and with Nick about to extend his 23 minutes of fame on Dancing With The Stars, this can’t end well.

Lizzie: The end of Designated Survivor, with Beth MacLeish taking out her husband and then taking her own life. Because what? We thought these people were the bad guys! What are you doing, Designated Survivor? Who can we trust? Can we trust anyone, for that matter?

Erin: See Lizzie’s answer.

Dana: Morgan going full Shane on The Walking Dead and killing Richard, though he kind of deserved it.

Agree? Disagree? Have another moment you think we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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