The Walking Dead 7×15 Photos & Sneak Peeks: Something They Need

Begin the countdown! We’ve got two episodes left of Season 7. In The Walking Dead‘s “Something They Need” it’s clear that Sasha has been captured and that Alexandria is heading over to Oceanside thanks to Tara breaking her promise.

We still don’t know if Dwight has turned a new leaf and decided to let Rosita go or if Eugene really is part of Negan now. Both men have had reservations about helping the Saviors and they’re going to have to pick sides when Rick & Co. come knocking.

Here’s hoping that Eugene doesn’t make Sasha listen to “Easy Street” over and over. When does the torture stop with that song! P.S. Listen to it HERE for 10 hours if you dare.

Synopsis for Something They Need:

Alexandrians visit a distant community.

Trailer & Sneak Peeks for Something They Need:

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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