Harry Styles Solo Single Coming Soon!

This is it! Everyone stay calm, all hands on deck!

The anticipation of the upcoming solo One Direction releases has been enough to set the fandom on edge since the boys first went on their hiatus more than a year ago. One by one, we have heard snips from each, with one certain member noticably silent….

But silent no more, apparently, as it is rumored that April 7 the airwaves will be hit by the solo work of Mr Harry Styles.

*pause for reaction*

DJ Elvis Duran let it slip that the first song from Styles will be coming April 7, with a completed album later this summer.

“I’ve another song coming out on April 7th. Harry Styles! They’re saying this Harry Styles song is just incredible. I’ll tell you why I think they’re right: because I’ve heard it. It’s amazing.” – Duran

There have been rumors about what Styles solo sound may be, with many referencing Queen and Bowie as possibly inspirations. And while the upcoming song title has yet to be leaked, there have been several songs registered to Styles over the last while, some including Already Home, Endlessly, Fun for Now, Lay Down, Something Great, This Is The Start and more.

I am sure the 1D fandom will be clutching their radios on April 7th waiting to hear the tune…I will be one of them!

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