Harry Styles Teases Fans into a Frenzy

Remember not long before Harry Styles now infamous Another Man magazines hits stands, the mysterious and reclusive singer took to Instagram and posted 3 plain white, blank, non-descript images? Now, those of us who know of Mr Styles and his preference for the abstract, thought very little on it until those three covers came out, and suddenly it all made sense.

It appears he is at it again. March 25 Styles posted another plain white, blank, non-descript image on his Instagram. This time, however, fans immediately knew something big was coming.

And more hints hit the social media waves, as a teaser for an April 7 Harry Styles song drop brought fans to their knees. It is a short clip of a piano tune, and a dripping wet Harry opening a door to a bright light. Very artistic, and swoonworthy as the camera focuses on those incredible green eyes before the screen goes blank and April 7 flashes across your view.

We’ve already reported that DJ Elvis Duran let it leak that Styles first solo effort will be hitting the airwaves April 7, and now with this newest little tid bit, it seems to be confirmed…without being officially confirmed.

Check out the clip here, courtesy of @1DInsideReport.

Of course, on a day that is already rather emotional, with the 2 year anniversary of Zayn Malik’s departure from the bank, and Liam Paynes announcement of the birth of his son, the 1D fandom was already a little on edge.

Well played Styles.

Comments and freak outs hit Twitter in response to all the emotion.

Here are some of our favs:


Personally, I find March 25 just a little too stressful. I think I might skip it next year.

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