Fangirlish’s FEELS of the Week: March 19th-March 25th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Bad-ass Female Character of the Week

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Lyra: Maggie Greene, The Walking Dead. What makes this woman a badass is her compassion for her family. Daryl Dixon’s response led to her husband’s death. There’s no denying it. But it was not his fault and she understood that. They didn’t make Maggie spiral and go down a stereotypical storyline where she ended up seeking revenge against Daryl for what happened. She understood that Negan was the cause of Glenn’s death and that anyone in that line-up would’ve done what Daryl did if given the chance. Maggie has a strength in her and an ability to look at the bigger picture that I’ve only seen a few times in my life, and it makes me love her character even more.

Nora: Erin Lindsay from Chicago PD is my favorite badass female character this week. Week after week she’s strong and tough even when some of the hardest obstacles are thrown at her and this week is no exception. When a tough case of abducted girls comes across the PD desk, Erin does everything she can to make sure the perpetrators are brought to justice. Not only is Lindsay a badass during the case this week, but she’s also dealing with Jay’s ex-wife coming into the picture and the consequences of Jay not telling her about his ex. It’s a lot of emotions for Lindsay this week, but she handles them like a true badass. Plus, how could a character not be the very definition of a female badass when Sophia Bush is portraying her?

Caryn: Madeline Mackenzie, Big Little Lies. The more we learn about the character, the more we learn that she is not the perfect suburban housewife she pretends to be. She plots revenge against those who don’t agree with her crew, she cheats on her husband, and her parenting is questionable at best. But just like her Monterey friends, her complicatedness just draw me closer into her web, I want to know more. It is almost as if her flaws make her more human, but even with it she can still take on the world, or at least those that come up against her.

Lizzie: I’m gonna go for an unconventional choice and say Regina Mills, from Once Upon A Time. Regina has done a lot of bad things and she still has some stops to make in the redemption tour, but in last episode, she finally admitted that the Evil Queen was not responsible for all the pain and suffering – she was. She couldn’t just take out the bad parts of herself and bam, be redeemed. She needs to fight for it.

OTP of the Week

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Lyra: Karamel, Supergirl. This week was a doule serving of Karamel goodness & angst. First of all, I’m proud of both of them. Mon-El laid it all out, confirmed the lie, and tried to fix it. When that didn’t happen he respected her decision and stayed on Earth to help because he’d recognized that he’d become a better man while there and he would continue down this path whether he was with Kara or not. Now onto Kara. I’m immensely proud of her too. She chose not to get lied to and that she needed space. She knew her worth and chose herself! When the crossover happened, Kara was able to step into Mon-El’s shoes and see that while the lie was wrong, the place that it came from was not malicious. He was scared and wanted a second chance. It takes a big person to forgive someone and she did. Tests like these ultimately make Kara and Mon-El stronger as individuals and as a couple.

P.S. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that she’s going to let him step all over her. Forgiveness means that she’s willing to give him a second chance because we all make mistakes. No one’s given you a second chance before?

Nora: Barry and Iris are my favorite OTP this week (with Karamel coming in a close second)! The entire musical episode of The Flash was perfect. I love every musical number and every element that went into the episode. When Iris and Mon-El come crashing into the Music Meisters musical world is where my OTP feels really hit overdrive. Iris leaning over Barry after he’s been shot and him trying to tell her that he loves her with his last breathe was an emotional moment. Then Iris saves Barry with a kiss. Like c’mon, how adorable is that? But as if my WestAllen OTP feels weren’t in overdrive enough, Barry sings Iris a song and proposes to her again!!!! It was all so cute and for a couple that’s been through a lot this season, it was a wonderful moment! Also, hearing Grant Gustin singing Pasek & Paul was everything I needed in my life and more.

Caryn: Captain Swan in Once Upon A Time. Even in an episode that barely featured them, we see two big shifts in my favorite couple as they finally take the big steps. Hook shares with Archie that he wants to tell Emma about what he did (with regards to killing David’s father) which is something that the old Hook would have buried away, representing him caring more about Emma than his reputation. And then there is Emma who without hesitation put her heart on her sleeve and accepted Hook’s proposal. Although, I know we still have a journey to go (Hook did not confess) it feels almost like a miracle that we got to this point at all.

Lizzie: Lyra and Caryn have the right of it. Karamel gave us angst, and then gave us feels on Supergirl. But, since Lyra said what I had to say about Karamel, I want to add, about Captain Swan, from Once Upon A Time because …this is the moment they’ve been waiting for – not the one they’d been hoping for, not like this, not with secrets between them, but this journey that’s taken them five seasons finally feels like it’s leading up to happily ever after. Emma is ready, she’s willing. Hook is ready. He needs to confess, he wants to confess, and I think the secret will come out next episode and we’ll be talking about how on the next FEELS. So, this is not the final step, because love is a never ending journey…but it’s a big one, and one that, despite the lie, we should appreciate for what it means for both of them.

Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS

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Lyra: Kara and Barry getting shot during The Flash/Supergirl crossover. For some reason, watching them lay on the ground, reaching out for each other while in pain, tugged at my heartstrings. All of a sudden they weren’t ‘the fastest man alive’ or the ‘flying, bullet-proof, strong alien’. They were just young people trying to do the right thing in the middle of chaos. It was bittersweet and grounded these character for me in a way I’ve never experienced. We have people like them in our world. They might not wear leather, or capes, but there are people who get caught in the crossfire every day while trying to help.

Nora: Daryl and Maggie hiding out in the cellar in this week’s The Walking Dead. Once they are safe and emerge from hiding behind the shelves, Maggie notices something’s wrong with Daryl. Daryl begins to cry and tells Maggie he feels responsible for Glenn’s death. Maggie reassures Daryl that Glenn’s death was not his fault and Glenn always knew that Daryl was one of the good guys! Just stab me in the heart why don’t you! I don’t think I’ll ever be over Glenn’s death, but these moments where we still honor his memory are a great way to keep the character alive. Maggie and Daryl will forever carry Glenn with them and this moment between them was perfect. If I’m being honest, anytime Maggie has a scene on The Walking Dead lately, I cry, so having her and Daryl tearing up together destroyed me.

Danielle: This isn’t really a feels-y moment, but the moment of when Diamond from The Fosters called her pimp, Russell, and I could really feel her fear and pain through the screen. I could tell that she really didn’t want to go back or be found by her pimp. That’s why it pissed me off when she kinda lured a girl from Girls United to maybe being one of Russell’s minions. It was really strange the whole time.

Caryn: Jessa confronting Hannah for not telling her she’s pregnant in Girls. Through the six seasons of this show, we’ve seen the girls going through a rollercoaster of a friendship, and with Jessa and Adam getting together it seemed that the Hannah/Jessa friendship was irreparable. And perhaps it is, the show has always attempted to showcase relationships that are more real-life and we all have those terrible friendship breakups that never go back to the way things were because we have changed so much as adults. But the sadness in the scene, of two women who grew up as friends and Jessa who desperately wants to reconnect while Hannah is so much against it, was painful to watch, and perhaps needed.

Lizzie: Hook asking Emma to marry him on Once Upon A Time. Though I guess you can say Emma said yes before he’d even asked, which is just …mind-blowing. Emma Swan, the closed-off woman that didn’t believe anyone would ever want her, didn’t believe she could keep something …someone, was so sure, so in love, that she just jumped right in. No doubts, no hesitation. And though Hook is keeping a secret that he needs to confess like yesterday, seeing Emma so happy ….so in love, well, it gave me all the feels.

Superhero of the Week

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Nora: Huck on Scandal is my superhero this week. This character has been through so much over the six seasons and this week he does something that was painful for him: stand against Olivia Pope. It was a bold move considering she asked him to kill her father. When Huck realizes that Rowan is being played and was forced to kill Frankie Vargas, Huck tries to convince Olivia not to kill Rowan. Since season 1, Huck has been committed to Oliva and to see him go against her was a truly heroic move. Huck sticks to his instincts and finds the proof he needs to help Rowan and convince Olivia. This episode showed a lot of growth for Huck. He’s turned from a killer into a superhero. Or better yet, a Gladiator in a suit!

Danielle: Rosalee from Underground really brought the heat this week!! From crawling in the jungle, shooting herself in the chest to cauterize her wound, when she was shot in the previous episode. Also when she had to wrestle a kidnapper, even bit his ear off to defend her unborn child, I gagged!! She then hid in dirty, poopy horse hay, got bitten by a snake, used a leech to suck the poison out and ate that same leech, I gagged some more!! I never knew Black Rose was this feral and hungry to survive, not just for herself, but for her child. And what was even more surprising is that Rosalee’s actress, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, was pregnant during all of this going on in the show. She also is Superhero of the Week for putting in the hard work and not getting badly hurt or injured during her pregnancy.

Caryn: David Heller in Legion. For the past seven episodes, we have been on a rollercoaster with David, as he not only discovered that he was a mutant but that a parasite had been sitting pretty in his brain but episode seven was a turning point for David and for the audience. We saw him become the hero that he was born to become, whereby Dan Stevens usually played the character as vulnerable, this week we could see the strength in his performance as he firstly, worked out the truth behind the history between his father (Professor X) and the parasite (Amahl Farouk) and as he fought through his own mind to silence the parasite and save his friends.

Lizzie: As surprising as this sounds – I’m gonna say Barry Allen on The Flash. Because it looks like Barry finally gets it, like he can finally move forward, like he’s ready to fix not just his relationship with Iris, but his life, and avoid making the same mistakes of the past. Also, he can sing!

Quote of the Week

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Lyra: “All I wanna to do is come running home to you, come running home to you. And all my life, I’ll promise to keep running home to you, keep running home to you.” – Barry Allen, SuperFlash Musical

“You’re one of the good things in this world. That’s what Glenn thought. And he would know, ‘cause he was one of the good things too.” – Maggie Greene, The Walking Dead

Nora: Kara: If you lie to me again, I will drop a mountain on you

Mon-El: Wow. You mean figuratively?

Kara: No, I mean geologically. – Kara and Mon-El, Supergirl

Caryn: “What’s worse is you’re a smart clown who occasionally has a point, a point you destroy by mixing it up with racism and misogyny you probably don’t even believe. When you were little, someone rejected you or made fun of you, and now you get to be one of the mean guys, making fun of others. You think this is some grand rebellion against progressives and social justice warriors, it’s not. You’re just some kid in the corner pissing yourself, so have at it.” – Diane Lockhart, The Good Fight

Lizzie: Barry [singing]: I’m your super friend. Your super friend. I’ll be there in the nick of time if you’re ever in a spot.

Kara [singing]: And if not there in time, you can just go back in time and give it another shot!

Barry: I’m actually not supposed to do that anymore. – Barry Allen, Kara Danvers – The Flash

WTF Moment of the Week

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Lyra: Eugene deciding to stay in the Savior compound on The Walking Dead. In the words of Tyra Banks, “I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU, WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU! HOW DARE YOU?”

Nora: Jay Halstead, love of my life, IS MARRIED?!?!?!?! In this week’s Chicago PD, Jay’s ex strolls into Chicago and tells him he needs to sign their divorce papers! He’s been married this whole time and worst of all, he never told Lindsay!! Jesse Lee Soffer and Sophia Bush are amazing together this week, but c’mon Jay, you couldn’t find a moment to tell Lindsay this? You even asked her if she was married in season 2! Also the last two minutes of Scandal this week! This show knows how to throw some serious curve balls, but this was insanity!

Side Note: If the Music Meister noticed that Karamel and WestAllen needed to find their way back to each other through love, could he please swing by Star City and knock some sense into Felicity and Oliver? Thank you!

Caryn: So if the only reason the Music Meister put Kara and Barry in their dream world in the SuperFlash Musical was to get them to get back together with their respective exes, why did he feel the need to taunt and challenge Wally? Or to drain the Kara and Barry of their powers? And why did he attack the bank? Was he just bored?

Lizzie: I’m going with Nora on this one, though I’m gonna focus more on the final few seconds of the episode of Chicago P.D. Yeah, it was ALL a bit WTF, but nothing quite like the moment where Jay Halstead did the one thing 4 years of character development led me to believe he never would – walk out on Erin Lindsay. And though I can appreciate what they’re trying to show and what road they’re taking the character on, they could have done a way better job with the build up, and wait, yes …they could have let Linstead handle this as an unit. That’s an actual thing that happens. I promise.

Agree? Disagree? Have another moment you think we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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