Once Upon A Time 6×15 Pictures “A Wondrous Place”

A little angst is coming our way. But the good kinda angst, it seems.  If there’s such a thing as good angst. But hey, at least it’s not dragged-out-secret-keeping-kinda-angst, so all is well.

Plus – a few old favorites are back! And there’s a princess team-up, and one we didn’t even know we needed: Jasmine and Ariel.

And, if only for that, we can put up with a little pain. Besides, Emma’s bound to figure it out soon, isn’t she?

Here are the pictures for “A Wondrous Place,” heavy on the Hook/Princesses/Aladdin. Enjoy the pretty!

The synopsis for the episode reads as follows:

When Hook finds himself trapped in another realm along with the Nautilus and her crew, he races to return to Emma before Gideon can execute the rest of his plan. In Storybrooke, Regina and Snow take Emma out to get her mind off Hook’s disappearance. And in a flashback to Agrabah, Jasmine befriends Ariel, and together they set out to locate Prince Eric as the threat from Jafar intensifies.

See you next Sunday for “A Wondrous Place,” Oncers and remember to join us for the live-tweet at @fangirlishness

Once Upon A Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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